wonders in the sky you should watch at least once in your lifetime


I know we all have tried watching a lot of shows this quarantine. what if I say there is a better show in the sky right above you that will keep you engaged and excited? These are some of the events and objects in our sky that proves how magical this world is. And for some people (like me) these celestial events and objects will trigger your creativity and imagination. So let’s take a look at some celebrations in the sky you should see at least once in your lifetime:


This is honestly the best event I have ever seen in a night sky. It is a bunch of fireballs passing through the sky, but you are really lucky if you get to see one because they are really rare and you might miss them in the blink of an eye. It feels so surreal when you see it cause its too good to be true

you could grab your blanket and lay down face toward the sky on a meteor shower peak day and if you are lucky you will get an opportunity to see at least one meteor. Or You could even have a meteor hunt with your friends…. good luck…


Rainbows are most often observed when the sun comes out after rain. You can see them in the sky opposing the sun. They are heavenly and are often portrayed as metaphors of happiness, joy, and excitement. it’s an incredible show of colors taking place in the sky when the clouds part and sun sneaks out right after the rain.


A full moon itself is gorgeous, but an enormous full moon is even better. A super moon is when the moon is its closest to our planet. And its the closest human will ever get to the moon before we get to step on the moon(i believe in the conspiracy theories on moon landing). I am obsessed with the moon and it’s my deep thoughts buddy and we usually write poetry together (check out some of my works on my Instagram ), so a super moon is the best time for me to hang out with my friend.


Planets like mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn can be seen in the sky even without a telescope. They look like very bright stars, so we might have seen them even without realizing its a planet. I have only seen them at night, but I read you can see them even during the daytime. Venus is the brightest and most common among them.


A lunar eclipse only occurs in full moonlight and you will see the moon being a crescent and growing back into a full moon all during a lunar eclipse, even though that’s not what is happening. This happens because the sun, moon, and earth are closely or exactly aligned. Isn’t it great that you can see a demo of all the phases of the moon just in one night? And it’s even safe to see it with bare eyes. so no excuses!


A solar eclipse is similar to a lunar eclipse but instead, a show of moon going through phases is the sun that appears to be going through phases just like the moon. This happens when a portion of the earth is engulfed in a shadow cast by the moon which blocks the sunlight fully or partially. And here, it’s the moon that gets in between sun and earth. You should not look at it directly though, cause it will permanently damage your eyes, instead, you can use solar filters such as eclipse glasses. It’s only during a solar eclipse, we see the corona of the sun (outermost layer of suns atmosphere).


This is a very common event, that you can see almost every day. But it’s so lovely to see the moon in a sun ruled sky, where it doesn’t even belong. You can see the moon in the morning sky when the moon is in the waning phase and you can see it in the evenings when the moon is in the waxing phase.

These array of miracle set up right above you are reminders to realize how minuscule our problems are in comparison to all the events going on in the universe…so just forget all your troubles for a while and visit these heavenly moments on earth

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