Why do people hate feminism?

” To those accustomed to privilege equality feels like oppression” 

Why Do People Hate Feminism

In our modern society, feminism is still considered vile. Its treated like something we should be ashamed of or so. For me, I considered myself a proud feminist. It is not a good thing to oppose feminism but as a feminist, I think it is their choice. 

Feminism is about choice, feminism argues for each and everyone’s right to choose. So as a feminist we have to respect everyone’s choice. But I still wonder why feminism is hated ?. A true feminist is a person who supports equality, not woman superiority. 

After centuries of men superiority we just ask for equality, not woman superiority. Feminism has supporters all over the world, but it has a lot of haters too. Why is it a movement with such good intentions hated by the mass? What is wrong with it? Here are a few reasons why people hate feminism

The word feminism

” A feminist is anyone who recognizes the equality and full humanity of women and men” 

 Feminism is the movement that strives for achieving equality of sexes, not superiority.  But a lot of anti-feminist judge feminism just by its name, they judge it quickly without even understanding what it really stands for.

Why Do People Hate Feminism

 So to clarify the doubt the word feminism really stands for equality, not superiority. The meaning of the word feminism in the dictionary is the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. Not women should be superior to men.

So it is not a good thing to judge something without clearly understanding it.


” Feminism is equality not superiority” 

  Misunderstanding is a major reason for people hating Feminism. It’s often confused with misandry. Feminism is about equality while misandry is about man-hating or arguing for women to be superior. Feminism is actually against misandry as it is against misogyny. 

  Just claiming to be feminst is not being an actual feminist . its a very often seen trick of misandrists to call themselves a femin ist. But that doesn’t mean you are a feminist . You are feminist when you believe in equality not superiority. As Emma Watson said ” if you believe in equality , you are a feminist ” and FYI feminism is totally and completely against misandrist or misogynist.

Traditional belief.

” When men are oppressed it’s a  tragedy. When woman are oppressed it’s a tradition”

This is a major reason for feminism to be hated. In our society, a majority of people values traditional rule more than anything. The first fact about traditional rules and beliefs is that they were made by the dead. 

Why Do People Hate Feminism

Traditionally women are usually represented as weak. And they are expected to stay at home and always look after her family.  But in feminism, demands equal rights duties, and opportunities for all irrespective of their sex. And both men and women can choose to be homemakers or employed as they like. That idea in conclusion destroys all their build-up belief which may destroy a lot of traditions.

 It is this fear which inspires them to hate feminism. Isn’t it foolish to adopt those sexist rules and believes nowadays? for god’s sake it’s the 21st century!


Patriarchy is a system of society or government in which men hold the power and women are largely excluded from

Just like the traditional people, patriarchy also hates feminism due to fear and their huge egos. I think they are scared that equal rights and opportunities mean fewer rights and opportunities for them or something. 

Why Do People Hate Feminism

In my opinion, no one should fear, as feminism is not against men but against destroying patriarchy and establishing equality. Patriarchy is a system of society or government in which men hold the power and women are largely excluded from, so it is the major aim of the feminist to tear it down brick by brick.

These are my observations about why people hate feminism. If you have any information on the topic or you see any mistake in my work feel free to comment it.

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