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Cough cough! I am sick. I have been sick for almost a week now. But thankfully I am getting a lot better now. I am that person who gets sick once in a blue moon and recently I was reminded again that being sick sucks. so here are a few things to take care of when you are sick, that I learned over the past week. hopefully, these tips will help you recover faster 🙂 .

Let yourself be sick 

There are different types of sick people and I am more often the one who pretends that I am not sick. Like, when I get sick I have a tendency to avoid the fact that I am actually sick. If you are anything like me, don’t be. Cause the first thing about getting sick is accepting you are sick rather than avoiding it. So when you accept you are not well and you have to take time off from your work to rest, you are less likely to feel guilty about not being your most productive self. So just let yourself be sad, gloomy, and tired.


I am making a wild guess that you must have already taken a trip to your doctor and got some medicines. If not, what the hell are you doing? 

Take in the pills you are given at the prescribed time. your medicines are a little help to your immune system to fight the disease. so, It’s very important to adhere to your medication schedule, so you can cure fast. if you even have a slight urge to get better, dont you dare skip your drugs.

Get in some comfy pj’s

Who has the energy to get dressed up when you are sick? So help yourself with your comfiest pj’s. add a few blankets if you want to your sick day outfit.

Sanitize your hands 

This is important. Unless you want your loved ones to get sick too, go sanitize or wash your hands very very often. Don’t let that germs go around, getting everyone around you sick.

Listen to your body 

When you are sick everything you do should be living according to the needs of your body and soul. If you are bored or confused about what you have to do, you just have to sharpen your ears and listen to what your body is demanding you. Yeah, it’s demanding a lot of things, only if you cared to listen would you know. 

Eat healthily

And if you have listened to your body you might have heard this a million times cause that’s what your body wants. You know, when you are sick all your white blood cells are busy fighting a war with the pathogen that has entered your body. And if you want your WBC to win this combat and kill off the germs that made you sick, you have to make sure you are giving the necessary weapons, which is a healthy diet. So get on with fuelling your body, so you recover faster.

Take in a lot of fluid 

Just like a healthy diet, it’s important to drink a lot and lots of fluid. It’s important to keep your body hydrated. Drinking a lot of fluids help your body get rid of toxins from your body, which is key when you are sick.

get enough sleep

this is for all the people like me who are not the biggest fan of sleeping. girl, let your body rest by switching it off for a while, as you sleep. this is as important as a healthy diet.

avoid heavy works

Just like I said before it’s all about listening to your body. So remember you are sick and take as much rest as possible. avoid heavy and tiring activities and tasks, and let your body relax.

Engage yourself 

When I said you shouldn’t do heavy tasks, I never meant you have to sit around doing nothing. instead, do light and easy tasks that don’t take up a lot of your energy. Little things like checking your emails, rearranging your calendar, etc. Doing something tiny will help to distract yourself from your pain and sickness. But remember to don’t overwhelm your body. 

Watch movies and tv shows or read 

Engaging yourself can also be done by binge-watching a lot of movies and shows.  What better time to binge than when you are sick and want to cozy up underneath a million blanket.  Maybe you can read a few books while you are sick.  Again like I said before listen to yourself and then determine the activity you want to occupy yourself with.

yeah, these are a few things to remember and do while you are sick. hope you get better soon. share this blog with your sick family and friends to help them.

to the moon and never back, nidha

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