Sealed with my heart: ‘meh state’

Puss (my cat) on my lap, rising sun, and a mind overflowing with creative juices, that sums up happiness. Maybe not happiness, but fulfillness. Happiness is a really funny thing, it feels like a raise of something. I read an analogy, by Yuval Noah Harari which I really liked. He compares our body to an air conditioner that maintains a level of stability in our biochemistry. When life gives you a sudden surge of happiness or sadness, our body slowly brings back our biochemistry to a stable state. 

So actually, both happiness and despair only stay for a tad bit, after which our body returns back to a stable state of ‘meh’. It may feel kinda disappointing, but if you think about it, if the state of happiness prolongs then you will eventually adapt to that state, and happiness will feel like an all-time emotion. That is, the state of happiness will just turn ‘meh’ after a while. The same goes with sadness too, when life gives you lemons, slowly and gradually you will get used to lemons. So this meh state is the condition which is prominent in our lives. And it’s this meh state that makes both the happiness and sadness surges meaningful. 

As we are in the meh state most of the time, we have to find a way to make this state more fulfilling. It might be different from person to person. But in the essence, a sense of purpose and meaning will be what makes the meh condition less ‘meh’ as Harari suggests. Personally, having a lot of plants around me, having a morning by myself, being creative, writing my feelings out, hanging out with my family, watching stars, immersing in a fictional world, sitting under the moon, daydreaming and a lot more fulfills my soul.

But when you don’t have a ‘why’ to wake up, you are more likely to depend on superficial sources to keep you going. This ‘why’ does not have to be your life purpose ( cause let’s be honest it’s not that easy to find), instead, this ‘why’ can be a little urge left in you, that motivates you to do things you actually love. This ‘meh’ state is where you grow and evolve to be better. So I think this ‘meh’ state is the most important. I hope you have something or someone that makes your ‘meh’ state fulfilling. Okay, I have said ‘meh’ a lot maybe I should end it here…

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