Sealed with my heart: devil

Ever since I was young I was told the story about adam and eve in heaven. And how the devil was the reason why humans couldn’t live in heaven. I hated that guy, if he wasn’t then life would be perfect. But when I heard the story where god asked the devil to prostate before, I felt bad for the devil. Why would he want to prostate an inferior being?. Every bad thing I did was because of the devil. Devil whispers in our ear to distract us from god (i guess he succeeded, showing me the real face of God).

But ever since I was little, I felt sad that the only purpose of the devil was to make an individual forget their prayer and sin and so on. He was ‘created’ as the bad guy by god. But even though he was the bad guy of all tales he was better than god. The God who created world hunger, wars in his name, and little kids with deadly diseases. 

As I grew up I started to sympathize fo the devil. He was created to be bad, he didn’t have a choice. He sounded broken to me, not bad. The devil was just a rebel against indoctrination. And I related to him. I was also against idiotic rules and aristocrats. He seemed to have the most depressing life. Whispering in people’s ears, who want to do that for eternity? God who create people knowing they will sin and end up in the flaming fire, was crueler than the devil. God who created the devil, just for a competition was cruel. I now see the devil as the broken child and god as the toxic parent. I feel sorry for the devil, for people blaming him for things done by god. God is the actual devil…..

to infinity and back


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