October 2020 | bullet journal set-up ideas

Hey there! Another fine day in October. And guess what I’ve got for you? ding ding. Yeah, a short trip through my October bullet journal set-up. My October spread is my favorite spread so far and I thought it would be great to share with you guys. You are granted my permission to copy this spread into your own bujo 😉. So let’s get into it, shall we?


bullet journal october ideas

So unlike my usual Halloween themed spreads this October I decided to include the cozy elements of October to my spread. So I went for shades of beige and black to get that warm aesthetic.  And my main element for this month’s spread was paper bags, which have a very textured faded brown color. And that color screams October.


bullet journal october cover page

So for the October cover page, I went for very boho and vintage vibes. I tore off a piece from my paper bag and crumbled it to create a wrinkled texture on the paper.  On this wrinkled paper strip, I lettered October using my black brush pens and glued it into my bujo. Then I tore off a little piece of newspaper glued it under the October sign before it dries. I also made a little calendar under the title with a wrinkled brown paper as a header. I then drew some flowers on the top of our title using my black gel pen. Yeah, that’s all for my cover. It was a very easy and quick cover page.

Monthly log

october bullet journal amanda rach lee

So this the monthly log I did for October. I went a bit minimal for this monthly log. So I did the title just like my main title on the cover page, but smaller. I drew my monthly calendar with enough space to add the events to come this month. also, I made a section under the title goals to write down my goal for October.

Mood tracker

bullet journal october mood tracker

Same title style with brown paper for mood tracker too, but with a small piece of newspaper beside it for complementing the theme Of the month. 

october bullet journal doodles

In order to track my mood, I drew these lines vertically on a slightly tinted paper and randomly added 30 black dots for each day of the month. And every day in accordance with my mood I will add a full-bloomed flower (😀), flower bud (😐), or a dried flower (😕) on the dot assigned to that day, easy!.

Habit tracker.

amanda rach lee bullet journal october

For the habit tracker for this month, I cut little squares from the tinted paper I used earlier and drew calendars on it. Then I added the title of the habit I wanted to practice this month. Then stick these habit checklist randomly in my journal.  I used some brown papers to fill in the gaps between them. And whenever I completed a habit I will circle it off.

Ps: if you don’t have any tinted paper, you could use any coloured paper of similar shade.

Pps: If you don’t even have colored paper you could leave a plain paper under direct sunlight to make it tinted…

blog schedule

bullet journal october monthly spread

so as I blog weekly I have to create a plan on what I am going to post that month so here is my blog schedule. same theme and color scheme!

Flip through

that’s it for my October bullet journal set-up. if you got some ideas and would love to see more of my bujo, let me know in the comments.

love you to the moon and never back, nidha

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