my morning routine as a student

    All of us have a different definition for a perfect morning, it might be zen-like or something else too. Not all of us are zen-like people who do meditation every morning or write gratitude. and all of us don’t have the same type of morning routine.

  I spend most of my morning studying, which is really helpful. As a student, especially during this quarantine,it is an important task for me to include studying everything. 

Even though I am a night owl, I still find morning a time that can be used productively. Morning is a perfect time for studying. Morning is a calm time without no one distracting us. 

    Some of us find phones distracting in the morning, but for me, even my morning routine is based on my phone. So while making a morning routine we should always do it for ourselves, include activities we are interested in and which are helpful, not because something typically goes on every morning routine ever made on the internet.


For a healthy lifestyle, working out is an important factor. As important as it is, I am still lazy about working out. Working out or yoga, both of them help us to be more productive during our day.

     Working out is not something I do every day, but I can assure you that working out in the morning helps us to stay awake and freshen up for our day and it is also helpful to stay productive. As a student, during morning I only spent 10 to 20 minutes on workouts I usually do yoga or workout to wake myself up completely and to have a productive day. 

Practice mathematics 

     Mathematics might not be everyone’s favorite thing to do in the morning, but it is really good to start a day by solving one or two problems. During the morning, our head will be clear and with no distractions, so it is a perfect moment to learn something. As maths requires thinking, it is good to practice mathematics in the morning.

As a person who loves mathematics, I love practicing mathematics. Doing something you love in the morning, will make your day brighter, so I always practice maths for 20 to 30 minutes.

Listening to music.

    Motivation is an important factor required for us, it gives us the thrive to do something. There are a lot of ways to attain motivation. Listening to music is an activity through which we can attain motivation. nd also listening to music can be done along with some other works too, which helps to balance our time.

    I am the kind of person who gets motivated listening to music ( which may sound crazy), so I pair it up with practicing mathematics which allows me to have more time to do other activities.


During our school and university years, it is very important for us to find time to study because there will be a lot to study. Studying is not only for students, it is good things for everyone to study something, anything, a new topic every day. No one will ever finish studying.

  For me noontime and afternoon, I always sleepy or tired, so I spend that time doing homework or projects. So morning and late-night seemed like a perfect time for me to study. So I usually do most of my studying in the morning and spend my night writing blogs or something else.


 ” Reading is to mind what exercise is to the body “

Richard Steele

    Reading is a good habit every person should develop because reading enhances our thinking a Reading brings new thoughts ideas to our mind and reading helps in relaxing our minds. a stress-free mind will make your day better.

so I personally think reading is a good habit to add to your morning routine. I usually spend the least of ten minutes reading before studying. but a small suggestion, do not read a book you love, as a book worm I know how addictive books can be, it would be good to read self-help or nonfictions in the morning.

Take language lessons

Learning a new language is a really good hobby you can start this quarantine. there might be no use now, but sometimes in future, it might be helpful. it is an impressive thing if you are a multi-lingual or you can study a language which is in our school syllabus. I usually study languages in the morning using Duolingo, a language studying app with a small lesson or you can do this in your study break. Duolingo is very addictive, like a game that makes it really interesting.

This is my morning routine, if you need help building yours click the link below.

how to build your perfect morning routine

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