My Experience With Soft Cups And Hard Cups

While menstrual cups are a lifesaver, the trouble is finding the right one for you. I have been using menstrual cups for more than six months. And after a few periods, I think I’ve got the hang of it. But my first cup wasn’t the one for me and I just recently bought my second cup and I think it’s the ONE.  

Anyway, the major difference between my first and second cup was that one was a soft cup and the other a hard cup. And it is indeed a huge difference. So today I will be sharing my experience with both hard and soft cups. Remember, this is just my experience and not a generalization. But I really hope I will help you in some way to finding your perfect cup.

Soft cups pros

So for my first cup was a soft cup from this brand called namya, while it was a good cup, it wasn’t the right cup for me. So I thought it would be best to list the pros and cons, I have noticed, of this soft cup

soft cup and hard cup

Easy insertion

The major up for soft cup was it’s very easy to insert. There is no pain or resistance, it goes just right in. As the cup is quite flexible it doesn’t put a lot of pressure on your cervix walls during insertion. Which a very important feature to consider.

Can work with different folds easily

My go-to fold is the punch down fold, because of its small tip of insertion. But I have also tried several folds like 7 fold and triangle fold on my soft cup. I could even insert a c fold using my soft cup, which is impossible with my hard cup. You can play with every fold on soft cups than you can with hard cups, so that’s a point to soft cups.

Easy removal

As the suction formed by soft cups is quite easy to break, you can remove your cup without any trouble. I have never encountered any difficulty or discomfort while removing a soft cup. And due to the easy removal, it usually doesn’t spill, and is less messy

Soft cup cons

Now let us look at some of the things I didn’t like about my soft cup. And the reasons why I left my soft cup

Very hard to pop open

This is the main reason why I stopped using my soft cup. In the months of using a soft cup, I have only felt it pop once or twice. Oftentimes I had to twist and push my cup inside my cervix several times for it to open, and it was very, very uncomfortable and annoying. And other times it wouldn’t open no matter what I do. I would spend hours and fail to pop my cup open and create a suction. And it is also very hard to know if the cup has opened or not. And sometimes I will think it has opened because, I felt a suction while pulling, but I would be surprised by unexpected leaks.

menstrual cups

Frequent leaks.

Speaking of leaks; let us assume I finally got my cup to open. But just after a while, it would start leaking. And then I would have to reinsert the cup. Also, the leaking was so much worse while sleeping. And due to these leaks, I had to wear pads (gross!) even though I was using menstrual cups. It was really bad.

Hard cup pros 

So after my failed attempt to make soft cup work, I switched to a hard cup. And let me say, it was life-changing. I finally came to understand why people are obsessing over menstrual cups. Here are my reason why I loved my hard cup

Always pop open

I have been using my hard cup for a few periods now, and let me say it has always popped open without fail. Sometimes it open right at insertion and other times after moving around a little after insertion. And I didn’t have to sit around trying to get it open, which is a great relief. And I can feel the pop, and I feel so satisfied, even if it catches me off the guard at times.

No leaks at all

As it creates the perfect suction while popping open every time, I have never had a leak issue with my hard cup. And the only time it leaked even a bit, was because I kept it on till it was almost full. I have even worn my cup while sleeping and not even a single spotting. I feel so relieved to go around my day without worrying about leakage.


Quick insert

As mentioned before the cup always pops open, so I don’t have to spend a long time while inserting it. And I can insert without fail, even if I am not that relaxed.

Hard cup cons

Even though hard cups work fine for me, it’s not perfect. Here a few things I don’t like about my hard cup

Discomfort while inserting

Unlike soft cups inserting hard cups is not very delicate. As hard cups tend to be thick, it is hard to push them in even with the smallest tipped fold. I experience very slight pain while inserting my hard cup, especially in the first few days of my period. But the pain is quick and a slight twitch and goes away quickly. I don’t observe this discomfort, during the second or third day. Not a big problem

c fold

Difficult to remove

Unlike the soft cup hard cup is much harder to remove. The suction created is really strong and hence it’s a bit difficult to tug out the cup. Also, it hurts a teeny bit while removing the suction and taking the cup out. This is not great, but it is definitely better than having leaks.

Slight pressure while wearing

This is not that common, but sometimes I experience slight pressure on the walls of my cervix while wearing a hard cup. And when I wear the hard cup during cramps, the cramps usually intensify. Hence I don’t usually wear my cup right after I get my period cause that’s when I have the most severe cramps.

Personally, I find hard cups much safer and easy to use than soft cups. But this is just my opinion based on my experience. Your experience can vary. Also if you haven’t bought a menstrual cup yet, I would recommend take a risk and buy a cup that feels right to you. It might not be the best cup for you, in which case you can try another. Let me remind you that using a menstrual cup improves with practice and it’s best to start as quickly as possible. Happy periods!

Wishing you all the best for your menstrual cup journey. Comment down below your doubts and I will try my best to clear them for you. 

To the moon and never back,nidha

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