my current morning routine | 2020

Hey there, today I am gonna take you guys through my current morning routine. I have been practicing this morning routine for a while now and hope you get some ideas for your own morning routine. Let’s get right mom

5:15 am 

This is usually the time I wake up. And right after I open my eyes to a new day, I go right into the bathroom. I do the usual brushing my teeth and washing my face, after that, I take my ablution. Then I get into prayer, which really helps me to connect to my creator at the beginning of my day.

5:45 am

So by the time I am done praying I will get myself a hot beverage. I usually take my tea or coffee to my balcony so I can enjoy some time in nature. Some days I read a book or watch something motivating.

6:00 am

So from here on my day can go in different ways. Cause there’s no particular order for me to do these things:


So I have been trying yoga for a few months now and I really really like it. It really helps me feel in sync with my body and mind. 


Tbh, I don’t meditate every day, but when I feel like my headspace is messed up, I take time to sit by myself and meditate. But whether or not I meditate I make sure I spend some time in nature taking in the fresh air.

Water plants

So I try to go patrolling my plants every morning. I water them and talk to them. I do this in the morning so I won’t forget to take care of my plant family. 


Every morning I make sure I write down a few words in my journal on what’s going on in my head. Some days I use prompts other days are just a few words expressing my emotions.

Here is my full journaling routine.

So these are the things I do around the time of 6 am to 7 am. There is no particular pattern in which I do this so I don’t wanna get bored of my morning routine. 

7:00 am

From 7 am I work on something for half an hour. This may be some admin works or blog work. Some days I get distracted and spend time scrolling through the internet ( not recommended, but for god’s sake we are human)

Around half-past 7 I go help, my mom, to prepare breakfast.

8:00 am 

By 8 I have breakfast with my family. And around 8:20 I get to my room so I can get ready for my online classes that start at half-past 8.

So that’s basically my morning routine. Sorry, if this is very brief. But I hope my morning routine triggered some ideas for your own morning routine which you can build by following these steps.

Tell me about your morning routine in the comments section.

To the moon and never back, nidha.

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