my current favorite podcasts

I used to be a very dedicated podcast listener, and recently I haven’t been very up to date with all my podcast subscriptions. Now I am thinking of getting back to them again and so I decided to share all my favorite podcasts with you guys, so we can start listening together. plus who doesn’t like binging? Buckle up and let’s get into it.


Want something uplifting, fun, and interesting all in one podcast. Kalyn’s Coffee talks are for you. Lifestyle YouTuber Kalyn Nicholson shares a lot of life lessons and motivating pep talks. Her brews include motivating expresso, cosmic brews, etc… I am obsessed with this podcast and all the aesthetic aspects of it…


anything that a motivational speaker and a former monk jay Shetty speak is worth listening to. and his podcast is a galore of his wisdom .he often have amazing people like ed mylett, Alicia keys, Robin Sharma, etc. he also does great solo episodes touching every aspect in creating a better life. if you are interested to get better in your life, relationships, and work you should listen to this podcast.


don’t have sisters? no worries you have two perfect sisters Ashley and Taryne. they are the perfect duo and their energy is just contagious. in this podcast, Ashley and taryne read emails from their listeners and give their unsolicited advice to their problems. but my favorite part of the podcast is the segment called “taryne it up” where they read embarrassing stories from their listeners. they also talk about more serious topics like eating disorder, mental health, etc. this podcast is the definition of relatable. now i am waiting for their Halloween series like they had last October. haven’t heard their podcast? what are you waiting for? binge all the episodes ASAP


Youtubers and best friends Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz chat about everything in their life. This podcast is basically a deeper version of their youtube videos. Their engaging conversations is everything in between dating, to self-help. This podcast gives you behind the scenes of being a content creator. Listen to this podcast to get the experience of a sleepover with your best friend.

my current favorite podcasts


Business coach and entrepreneur Adrienne finch is the only coach you will ever need to achieve your
goals and build the life you always wanted. With her strategies you can bring out the motivation you will
ever need and put yourself out there to achieve success, whatever it means to you. Get ready to be the
best version of you build to success by listening to the self-made mastery podcast.


I love true crime and have always thought they are better than the paranormal universe. You might laugh
at me, but I am terrified of anything paranormal. So true crime is the way to quench my thirst for some
fear. And killer instinct is my favorite true-crime podcast. Host Savannah covers horrible crimes, serial
killers, murders, missing cases, etc in killer instinct and discusses theories on what could have happened.
Its interesting and terrifying at the same time and also make us cautious about all the scary crimes happening around us, while equipping us to stay safe. Love true crime or anything scary this is the podcast for you


what would it be like to live the life of someone famous? “Imagined life” takes you through the life of someone famous and you will go through all the successes and hardships just under 60 minutes. and only in the end will you know whose story was being told.isnt that great? When we get to understand all the struggles people went through to succeed and create their own voice, I bet you will be highly motivated. And also its also a lot of information under the disguise of a story. This podcast narrating in a second-person perspective is something you never thought you needed.


Lavendaire lifestyle podcast is similar to kalyns coffee talk. Personal growth Youtuber Aileen xu is all
about living your happiest life. She and her guests talk about every essential quality to grow yourself as a


Your kick-ass life podcast is basically what the name says, how to kick ass in your life. If you have read books written by host Andrea Owen you will be very interested to listen to this podcast. Andrea brings guests and also does solo episodes on everything you need to develop or leave to get a kick-ass life like; courage, self-reflection, procrastination, perfectionism, etc. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to kick-ass


Goal digger podcast hosted by very successful Jenna Kutcher. this podcast is “growing your business 101”.jenna will give you everything you ever need to design your dream career. So Do you own a business? Are you planning on growing your business? Then you should listen to this podcast.


Aida azlin sits down with a lot of people and chats about literally everything with a touch of Islam. And to
every Muslimas out there I highly recommend this podcast. And I swear this podcast won’t be like those boring religious speakers who only speak about hellfire. Instead, it’s like hanging out with your Muslim friends. Aida has a very beautiful personality and her words always go to my heart. So check it out

so there you go here are my favorite podcasts as of now. now let me go and start binging from where I left. I hope you will give these podcasts a go. comment your favorite podcast down below. subscribe to our newsletters to get notified when we post new blog posts.

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love you to the moon and never back, nidha

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