must-read young adult romances

I am a bookworm. And my favorite genre ever is young adult romance. Don’t judge me I am a very hopeless romantic and these books are my salvation. And I have this theory that anyone who loves Taylor swift will definitely love YA romance. Whatever! Anyway if you are here chances are you are obsessed with ya romance just like me. So why not we skip the intro and just get into the list of my all-time favorite and must-read young adult romances:

ps: these are a few of the books that I have read in this genre that I really loved, and there are a lot of really good ya romance out there, I only have recommended the books I have read and loved

PPS: you can’t find fault in the stars here cause I haven’t read it. I know its a really great story, but I feel like its a bit overrated

SUN IS ALSO A STAR by Nicola Yoon

this book is just perfect. It’s about two teens (duh!) Natasha and daniel who met and fell in love in just a day. The majority of this story takes place in a 12-hour time span in new york city, trust me it’s very engaging. Speaking of Natasha and daniel they are exact opposites. While Natasha is a very logical nerd, daniel is a very dreamy poet and its really fun to read their very different outlook on life. And I really loved how the climax is not at all cliche. Must read


Theodore finch who is fascinated by death falls in love with Violet Markey who lives for the future. they are paired up to do a class project on their state. And for this project, they wander a lot of places in their state and they make a lot of memories. This book is a bit sad but really deep and insightful. If you love john green books you will definitely love this book too

ONCE AND FOR ALL by Sarah Dessen

this whole book is centered around weddings. Louna works with her mother Natalie barret who is a wedding planner. ironically she doesn’t believe in happily ever afters, especially since her first love ended tragically. She comes to a dilemma to work with the bubbly, charming, ambrose who is the brother of her mother’s client. ambrose lives life very carefree and he has different dates every day. It’s really fun to read how they fall for each other. I promise you Once you start reading you won’t be able to keep this book away.


And here is a john green book for you guys. Germophobe will be an understatement to aza holmes who is lost in her thought spirals almost all the time. She is reunited with her childhood friend davis picckett while searching for his fugitive billionare father, to get a reward. And fighting all her thought spirals aza fall for davis. Is a very quiet and deep story that adresses mental health raw

MY LIFE NEXT DOOR by Huntley Fitzpatrick

while the garrets are loud and affectionate their neighbor reeds are the exact opposite. Samantha reed always wished she lived in the garrets house. And she admired them especially Jase garrets. They fell in love, but sam has to keep this a secret from her very strict mother. Over time she becomes very close to garrets, but then something happens which changes everything (read the book to find out ). the story is very summery and cute.

FANGIRL by Rainbow Rowell

it’s a new beginning in college for cath and her twin sister wren. Cath is left alone when her sister told her she doesn’t want them to be roommates anymore. She has thousands of online fans for her Simon snow fanfiction. And she is OBSESSED with everything Simon snow. She has a very sassy roommate whose boyfriend/ex/friend Levi. And as you can expect love blooms between Cath and Levi. Cath is also worried about her father , and her mother who left them is trying to mend the relationship

A few more + books in my reading list

these are my recommendations for must-read young adult romances. Comment your favorite YA romances in the comment box to add to the list.

must-read young adult romances

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