little things that make me happy

When I hear about all the great things, and adventures people around me have experienced. I do often find myself feeling like my life isn’t fun enough. but who determines this enough? is life all about grand events and euphorias?

In this social media-centered world that we live in, it’s almost impossible to feel satisfied and content with your life. do I want to wait to travel the world to find happiness? no! do you want fancy clothes and a fancy lifestyle to be happy? no! As a matter of fact, the environment around you which you often take for granted has enough and more elements that will give you that dopamine rush. It’s just that, you are soo used to them that your soul is stagnant to your surroundings. But to get that feeling on content, all we have to do is look at the world afresh eyes. You will notice it’s not as mundane as you thought. things that make me happy

this blogpost is unlike my usual one. this is for me to come back when i feel less appreciative about my life .this post is to remind myself and you to find the little things in your life that make us alive. So future me reading this, take time to treasure these moments:

the shadows of the rising sun on my walls every morning

moonlight of every phase I get to soak in

tiny, unexpected revelations that are so interesting

talking about things I am passionate about with like-minded people

late night solo dance parties to Taylor swift

new buds and leaves on my little plants, that make me feel so proud as a plant mom

a bicycle ride around my hometown, on misty mornings

feeling my joints stretch in a deep yoga session

words coming together to form verses

imagining the greatest romance ever, and feeling completely lost in some other world

getting so addicted to a book that I cant keep it down,

that fulfilling but depressing feeling after binge-watching shows, or after reading a book

savouring every flavour of my favourite dishes,

writing a love letter to my soulmate in my red notebook

sudden bursts of fire and energy, as a result of feeling so done with acting perfect and then feeling like the devil vibing to the Lucifer playlist,

a wholesome debate ( not the toxic ‘ I am right, no one else is’ kind

things that make me happy

the enchanted aroma of a new book,

feeling pretty trying out unique hairstyles

falling deep into a research loop and spending hours and hours with google,

creating a world in Sims Freeplay for hours, and living my imaginations

ugly crying to some deep songs, books or movies,

going through my day like the main character of a story (high confidence booster)

cold early morning showers with my plants, and the rising sun

skincare and haircare days

life is beautiful

sitting on the balcony at midnight when the whole world is asleep,

getting lost in thoughts leaning on the window of a public bus,

getting lost in a creative bubble,

watching stars and talking to the moon when feeling lonely

deep talks with people online, whom I have never met or most probably will never meet,

checking of things in my bullet journal at the end of a day

successfully inserting a menstrual cup with a pop

feeling out of this world while in a crowd, like an alien from some other universe, who can’t understand anything or anyone

talking hours and hours about some fictional universe or character with my sister

writing a satisfactory blog post and editing them,

deep cleaning, while listening to podcasts (especially murder mysteries)

things that make me happy

browsing endlessly through library shelves, just taking in the aura of books

pretending to be a witch a doing weird made-up rituals

getting in a study bubble and losing track of time

the wind brushing my curls, and tickling my skin

spending time in my bedroom lit with fairy lights,

wow! you read through it all. I am going to leave this blog suggesting you make a list of all the things that make you feel alive.

to the moon and back, nidha

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