list of lifestyle youtubers, you must watch

let’s binge-watch some youtube today! not just regular youtubers, but the most aesthetic of all youtubers, lifestyle vloggers. these vloggers have always helped me to stay motivated in life and hope this list of lifestyle youtubers help you too


Kalyn Nicholson 

This list is not in any chronological order but Kalyn is my favorite Youtuber ever. Kalyn Nicholson is a Canadian lifestyle vlogger and coffee enthusiast. I am soo obsessed with her videos. And I am soo excited about her youtober series in October when she uploads a video every single day. There’s this magic to her life and hence in her videos, that is so contagious. Her videos have a great aesthetic to them that I love so much. Her editing skills are just immaculate, and you can see the efforts she put into her videos. And who doesn’t want to see the quirks of Bentley, the cutest dog? plus, whenever I need a bit of motivation, Kalyn’s videos are my go-to. She is soo wise and so in love with herself and hence a perfect role model. 

Jonna jinton 

I am quite certain that anyone who has watched Jonna’s videos has thought about spending the rest of their lives in the woods of Sweden, cause I totally have.  That place is literally heaven on earth, and Jonna’s vlogs capture the spellbinding beauty of northern Sweden. Her videos are so peaceful that I often feel like meditating while watching them. And the b-rolls and drone footage of snow-clad mountains, northern lights, and enchanting waterfalls are just breathtaking. Jonna lives a simple life, like the daughter of mother earth. Her lifestyle is so different from our fast-paced urban lives. And her videos that portray different seasons and their fascinating beauty teaches us to slow down our lives and enjoy the little things around us. 

Pick up limes 

Sadia lives a vibrant life and her videos are very informative.  She shares plant-based recipes. No, I am not vegan, but I love to watch her videos, they are satisfying and her recipes are mouth-watering. Apart from recipes, she has videos on living a slow and mindful life. I love her travel vlogs too. She has a lot of plants, that her studio is basically a forest, and she has videos on plant care too. So it’s like an all in one channel.

With love leena 

Leena is a fashion and lifestyle Youtuber. And if you are someone interested in modest hijabi fashion ‘with love Leena’ is the channel for you. The most beautiful aspect of her videos is the color schemes of cream, brown, and beige which are aesthetically pleasing. Her vlogs during Ramadan, eid, and other Islamic events are my favorite. Her travel vlogs are also stunning. she is just beautiful and so are her vlogs.

Sadie aldis 

Wanna watch lifestyle videos of a teenager, then Sadie Aldis is For you. She is a very organized and funny Canadian teen. She has got Vsco girl vibes. and she makes fashion, self-help, routine, and all similar lifestyle video. but my favourite is her routine videos. 


Michelle Barnes runs her motivational, lifestyle, and self-help channel ‘muchelleb’.she has highly effective strategies to improve the quality of our life. Just watching her videos is motivating itself. She won’t talk about random and useless stuff, she is always straight to the point which I love. Her videos have a unique ambiance which makes it more engaging. 


Aileen Xu does motivating personal growth videos on her platform lavendaire. Her vlogs help us to live our life to be fullest and make the most out of it. Her informative videos are very reliable to make our life more meaningful and live a fulfilled life.

I really hope this list helped you. comment on your favourite lifestyle youtuber down below for me to check it out.

to the moon and never back, nidha

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