life lessons 2020 taught me

2020…a year when almost the entire globe experienced similar things. It’s been hard and unexpected.  But we can’t lie to ourselves that at least a few good things happened too. 2020 taught us a lot, maybe not in the best way, but still, we learned a few things.

To me, 2020 was a very momentous year. It brought major changes and realizations, in my believes and ideologies. And furthermore, I learned a lot mostly the hard way. But I am glad that I got to learn from these hardships. So here are a few things that 2020 taught me.

Dare to ask, you will find answers 

Life Lessons 2020 Taught Me

All of us are born into some believes and traditions, that we often follow like in a trance. I was also in a trance. And I have been stuck in a belief system, just because I was born to it. Something I would have never chosen if I wasn’t born to it.

I had a lot of doubts about the religion and believes, that was engraved in me. And I used to wonder about these questions, but when I went to ask these doubts people always asked me not to think too much. as if logic had no scope at all. But I couldn’t silence all the questions that churned in me. And I gradually found the courage to question those things I believed in. Not gonna lie! I felt kinda guilty for asking such questions, cause no one around me was thinking. people around me were following the crowd with their eyes tied. 

But I found answers to almost all my questions by the end of the year. And it felt so liberating. I am still figuring out some answers that my soul was asking me.

 It’s a very draining process cause you have people attacking you all around. But I am so grateful I got to find many answers and get out of my inner turmoil. I am grateful that I finally got a chance to walk away from blind faith. I m glad that I dared to question.

We are stronger than we believe 

2020 taught me

We often doubt how capable we are to fight adversity. I always thought I wouldn’t be able to handle a very stressful time. But 2020 told me otherwise. My mother had a medical emergency. I was scared, but I was able to remain calm and help with the situation. I was able to be confident and help my family when they were mentally drained. 

But if had asked me beforehand what I would have done in such an emergency situation, I would have said that I would go numb. But I am glad that I got to recognize that I am stronger than I perceive myself to be.

You will never know yourself completely 

Life Lessons 2020 Taught Me

I am always on a journey to figure myself out. I wanted to know everything I was feeling and everything I was experiencing.  Because I thought it would help me to finally understand myself. But I was wrong. Every time I figured out my behavior or actions I would have changed drastically.  Like I won’t be able to recognize that version of me. So instead of trying to understand everything, it’s better to observe and take action based on these observations. 2020 taught me I will never fully understand myself, but I am capable of experiencing and observing.

Creativity takes courage 


I had a very bad creativity block in 2020. I didn’t want it to happen,  so I forced myself to be creative but nothing came out. It was hard cause I feel so connected to myself when I am being creative and in the flow state. Then one day in December I came across this quote creativity takes courage.  And that’s when I realised what was wrong. I was scared.

Scared of making mistakes. Wich gradually scared away my inspiration and imagination. I realised that perfection is the biggest enemy  of creativity.  And hopefully I can be more courageous and creative in 2021. No pressure though , cause pressure and creativity dont go together. Patience and courage is the key to a creative soul

You have the best time when you are being yourself 

be yourself

I always have a tendency to alter my personality so people don’t feel bad. But these fake personas make me feel worse. I had a lot of experiences this year when I didn’t hesitate to express myself,  and I had the best time of my life. I also had experiences when I suppressed myself and my views just so people won’t feel offended. These were the worst times too.

2020 taught me that to live your life to the fullest you have to be your truest self and follow your own heart than the expectations and opinion of others. 

There will be ashes after every fire

Life Lessons 2020 Taught Me

I had high yin energy in 2020. That is I felt strong fighter kinda energy. I think it was the side effect of finding answers and the urge to change the world, with all I learned. but every time after this huge surge of very high energy, I just felt empty, like I am emotionally drained. This feeling was very hard, during the high energy phase I had a high sense of purpose, which just vanishes when I am in a low energy state. This constant loop of fire and emptiness is still there. Which is very normal. You cant get rid of one or the other, both of them are necessary. I am hoping 2021 will help me balance my yin and yang.

Everyone teaches you something 

2020 taught me

Even though we were quarantined, I met a lot of people online. And they all taught me something or other.  Even the most toxic people who come into your life will teach you something.  Sometimes they teach you what to be like, or what not to be like. But there is always an opportunity to learn.  

Cut off the toxic

Life Lessons 2020 Taught Me

Also it’s totally fine and maybe even better to get rid of toxic people in your life, they are not meant to be in your life. If they really cared about you they might not have behaved to you the way they did. sometimes people are not the away you expect them to me, but that doesn’t mean they are bad. they are just not compatible to be in your life if all they are giving off is bad vibes. The people who are meant to be in your life are people who make you feel alive and help you pursue your purpose in life. Look for such kindred souls.

Embrace your darkness


Everything is made up of light and dark. And dark doesn’t always mean bad and light doesn’t always mean good. 2020 taught me that every person has a darkness in them. And mostly no one is ready to accept their dark side as they accept their light. 

For a long time, I didn’t want to embrace my darkness either. I thought it will make me a bad person. I wanted to remain as the good girl I always was, but this year I didn’t want to be a good girl I wanted to be truly me accepting every part of me. Also once I got to experience the dark side of me, I fell in love with her. 

my 2021 bullet journal setup

Always expect the unexpected 

expect the unexpected

I think this is something covid might have taught the world. 2020 really reminded us that life doesn’t always go as planned. But it’s alright ’cause there’s some beauty in the unexpected. 2020 really did remind us that life is very short, so instead of planning, let’s do things, instead of waiting.

These are a few things 2020 taught me. let me know in the comments what 2020 taught you?

I really believe that we have learned a lot as a society in 2020. 2020 reminded us of our priorities, to enjoy the little things, and every dark cloud has a silver lining to it. 2020 taught us a lot, but it was a very difficult year worldwide, let’s now bid farewells to 2020, and enter 2021 with everything we learned. Hope 2021 will be better.

To the moon and never back, nidha

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