how to stay positive.

Staying positive is an important factor during every difficulty in life. As important it is, it is really difficult to stay positive during hard times.  Being pessimistic will only bring out your bad performance giving us another reason for being a pessimist.

    And imagine being negative or stressing about it is not going to help. Take the Coronavirus breakout, for example, staying negative and stressing about it is not going to help us, does it? So instead of being pessimistic, we have to be optimistic so here are few ways to stay positive.

Count your blessings.

Look around,  assess your life,  count your blessings, infinite isn’t it? When you feel down, feel like you have nothing, observe your surroundings.  See how blessed you are. see all your blessings, be grateful.

Don’t think about the things you don’t have, understand your blessings, and try to find happiness in small factors. This will help us to feel complete and positive.

Focus on improvement.

     If we are in a negative situation, we should see the improvement, even if it is small or if you are hating life, just focus on the small improvements, it will help us to stay optimistic.

    Focusing on small improvements helps us to have hope in difficult situations. Hope equals optimism.

Find positive in a negative situation

     This is the most important one. It is not possible for us to have a life with no difficulty or negativity. So there is no way you can erase all negativity. But we can always see the positive side in any negative situation, it cost us nothing. 

     So focus on the optimism in every negativity. For example: imagine you receive the lowest grade in your test, instead of thinking about the grade, this test helps us to understand your mistake so you can correct it next time. So we can say even the worst situation has a good impact.

Always be grateful 

        Being grateful for what we have is the best way to stay positive. Imagine, if we are satisfied and content about our life, will there be any reason to have pessimistic thoughts. So focus on the small blessings and be grateful for that. I assure you that it will help us stay positive.

Don’t let the negativity of others get to you.

It is a talent of us humans to find negative things I’m each and every situation. As a first step for staying positive, don’t listen to others unless necessary. don’t take in their negative thoughts, only the positive ones.

    Listen to your mind instead of others. Let your positive energy destroy their negative ones. Don’t worry about what they think, just listen to the positive and helpful one.

Distract yourself


     If it is a situation where you can do nothing to stop a thing from happening, But it still gives you negative thoughts. Distract yourself.

     Do something to distract you , in a situation like this engage in new hobbies or start meditating, or even binge-watching Netflix sounds good. Because if we let our thoughts run free it creates all these negative thoughts and causes stress and anxiety to us. So distracting ourselves will help us to stay positive. Example: Binge-watching, Listening to music, drawing, or writing.

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