How To Setup Your Bullet Journal For 2021

It’s a new year. Welcome to 2021, let’s wait and see what it has got for us. As a matter of fact, if 2020 taught us something, it is to expect the unexpected. 

Anyway, let’s get to today’s blog. If you didn’t know ready I am a very committed bullet journal user, for almost 2 years now. That said I would like to point out that I wasn’t using my bujo (BUllet JOurnal = bujo) very effectively ( which I realized after reading “the bullet journal method”. And hence this year’s bujo goal was to maximize the effect of using my bullet journal and making a difference in my life with it.

But I also had to use my bujo as a creative outlet like I did before, and this time I went for a themed bullet journal, which is a lot more efficient to keep track of my life and goals for this year. Enough rambling! let me give you a flip through for the basic yearly spreads and collections.

Title page 

How To Setup Your Bullet Journal For 2021

Not a lot of fancy stuff on this page, just the year title and some floral doodles alongside. As I look at the title page now it kinda feels a bit plain compared to the rest of the spreads… never mind it’s best to start small anyway ?


bullet journal

This is an essential spread and I think I did really make it fancy. But no pressure guys if you are more of a simple person and don’t wanna go this overboard,  you could draw out a very simple calendar, or even paste a printout. 



An index page is a must-have for every single bullet journal. I didn’t utilize my index page in my previous bujos, and that’s something that indicated the ineffectiveness of my previous bujos. Basically, you add the page number of each spread and collections (except daily log) as you go. So your index is something that grows as you use your bullet journal.

Goodbye 2020,  hello 2021.

bullet journal

This is a spread I use to reflect on the past year and manifest the coming year. Under goodbye 2020 I have added a few prompts for me to answer that will help me reflect and finally let go of the past year:

  • Highlights of 2020
  • What I learned
  • What didn’t work
  • How life evolved 
  • Most grateful for in 2020

And under the title hello 2021, I have prompts to mentally prep myself for 2021:

  • How I want to feel this year
  • What I want to invite into my life/ things that I am open to this year
  • What I want to let go

Ps: this is not an essential page at all, I personally love the illusion of a new beginning a new year creates, but if you dont like all the fuss about a new year just skip to the next spread?

Year in pixels

How To Setup Your Bullet Journal For 2021

You must have heard of mood trackers if you heard of bullet journaling. If you haven’t it’s basically tracking your mood using a different layout. This is a yearly mood tracker spread where I track my daily mood using colors or patterns in the little pixels. You can see my key beside it. 

In my last journal, I used to have this and also a Monthly mood tracker too. But I didn’t use the monthly mood tracker very much, so this year I am only using the ” year in pixels” spread to track my mood. I think it’s best to have a mood tracker for daily reflection and tracking of your mood, so you can look back on your month or year easily.

Future log

future log

So next up we have the future log spread. This is an overall look at the year. Here you have sections for every month where you can add major events planned for that year. You can also add things you have to do in each month or season to this spread. The entries under each month will be transferred to the respective monthly spread when you reach that month.

Memories of 2021


Every year brings us a lot of memories and it’s important we make all of it count. This spread helps you keep track of some great, or not-so-great events or experiences that took place throughout the year. Just like a future log, this is divided into each month, but instead of tracking future events, here we track events and experiences once it has happened. You can look back to this spread at the end of the year, to get a recap of the year.

2021 at a glance 

bullet journal

This is the ultimate new year prep page. Here I have my plans, goals, etc for the year. I have got sub-categories like 

  • Goals
  • Resolutions
  • Bucket list
  • Word of the year

It’s nice to come back and remind myself of my goals and dreams for the year, when I feel the lack of purpose or meaning in life, usually around mid year.

Reading tracker

How To Setup Your Bullet Journal For 2021

I used to read a lot, but I didn’t read as much I hoped for last year. So this year I am planning on reading more, and this spread keeps a track of my reading list and reading log. Simple but very useful 

Period tracker

period trackert

Period tracking is very very important. It helps us to get more idea about our cycle and also predict the date of the period. You can also keep track of your physical and emotional changes.

My period tracker spread is very easy to track. With vertical columns for every month. And I can color the boxes red on the days I get my period. I also count my days to predict the next cycle and track the expected day using a pencil.

Blogpost planner

blogpost planner

If you are a blogger you need this spread to keep track of your blog posts, and blog growth every month. You can make improvements in your blog by consulting this spread

Lunar calendar


For every moonchild! All the four major phases of the moon and the date it happens. In a Dutch door, I also created the meaning of each phases. 


bullet journal

A key is a reference guide that you create to remind you what the symbols, colors, etc mean in your bullet journal. This is a very essential spread to make your bullet journal more efficient. It saves a lot of space as we are using symbols instead of words to signify something. Your key should be based on the symbols that work well for you.

To make my key more easily accessible, I made a miniature version of the key on a thick paper and attached it to the bookmark. This is very useful to access the key without turning pages.

Movies and shows tracker

How To Setup Your Bullet Journal For 2021

I have been watching a lot of shows and movies lately and thought it would be great to track them. This is a great tool to access the amount of time and quantity of movies and series I watch. So I can reduce the amount if I am watching too much. Not at all an essential spread.



Finally, I wanna share a very important spread you can make in your journal too. It’s a passwords page where you write down all the passwords to your accounts. So you dont have to click on forgot password to login into your accounts.

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this is my bullet journal setup for 2021. remember guys, your bujo should be designed for you and should help you make your life easier. so only add spreads you think will be useful for you to your bullet journal. good luck and let’s hope 2021 is better than 2020.

to the moon and back, nidha

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