how to increase self-confidence


  What Is Self-Confidence?

     Self-confidence means a belief in yourself,  a belief that you can do anything and if you have that belief nothing can stop you or no one can bother you. It is not easy to achieve but doesn’t mean it’s impossible. 

 If we are confident in ourselves, no one’s words can hurt. You can dodge every stick and stones thrown at you. So here are some methods I think will help us to attain self-confidence.

 Stop comparing yourself


    Strategy number one, never compare yourself with others. Comparing always makes us feel weak,  talentless. It is not true . Every one of us is good at different things, so comparing with others is pointless. The person you are comparing yourself with might not have talents in the Forte you have talent in, even they might be even comparing themselves with you, they might feel the same.

So the first step in attaining self-confidence is to stop comparing yourself. Always keep in mind that everyone has their own talent, no one is perfect.

Understand your strength 


   Understanding our strength is another strategy to feel like we can do things just like others. Take this as an example, you’re not an athletic person, but you are comparing yourself with an athlete, it’s pointless.

So understand your strength and pave your way in that path. You can compare yourself with a person, and strive to be better than them, but that doesn’t mean they are not talented or you have to destroy everyone in your way. 

Understanding your strength is a good strategy that can be adopted in every situation. if we have bad grades, just understanding sometimes studying is not your forte, try to do something you’re good at,l assure you that will be the result. 

Everyone is good at one thing or another, just keep it in your mind.


It’s is okay to be imperfect 


    Everyone has their own imperfections. It is not possible for us to be perfect. It is okay to have imperfections. Our duty is to understand these imperfections, so no one can make you insecure about it.

    Just like Tyrion Lannister said in the game of thrones  “Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you”. Don’t be insecure about your imperfections, wear them like armor, so it can’t be used to destroy you. 

Turn insults into compliments.


Insults, it is a factor others force on us to make them seem more superior or talented. There is nothing as an insult if we love us. We learn to either avoid insults or even turn them into compliments.

Imagine if someone insults us and we live our lives believing that lie, our life is of no use. If someone insults us, just ignore them or think about it as a compliment. Listening to stupid people’s words makes us even stupider. So ignore them, and think like this, they are stupid who don’t know what they are talking about.

Love yourself 

Think about this, if we won’t love ourselves, who would love us ?? If we don’t respect ourselves, who would ??, If we are not confident about ourselves, who would be?. Loving yourself is an important factor in attaining self-confidence. If we don’t love ourselves there is no way we could be Self-confident.

  Self-love makes us the most powerful creature. Loving ourselves means accepting ourselves, accepting what we are. If we love ourselves there is nothing to make us insecure. So loving ourselves makes us confident about ourselves too 

Understand that everyone’s definition of success is not the same.

 Another reason for not being confident is thinking that we are not successful. You should probably stop there. There is nothing that makes everyone think that we are successful, it is not humanly possible, because everyone’s definition of success is not the same.

Instead of stressing about it, think what is your view of success? Discover it. Be a successful person as you wish, not what society has planned for you.

If you reach your standards of success. You will be confident in yourself.

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