How to get your work done on time.


As we are quarantined, due to our procastination, most of us might have a pile of works to complete. But do you find it difficult to complete these tasks or are you stressed about it just like me? so here is a post on how to get your work done in time? 

As it is quarantine now, I have a lot of school work piling up, which I was lazy to complete. It is a must thing to complete this work before this reopen, this is a post where I explain the method adopted by me to complete the work to be done, without being super lazy and to complete it within our deadline.



This is the first thing we need to decide in our mind, firmly because without this determination we will never finish the work which we were intended to complete. Without a perfect vision and determination, there is a high rate of us getting distracted.

Determination is an important factor. As we have a lot of work to complete, without the correct determination, the procrastinator side of us may come in control and destroy our plan, resulting in a bad result. 

So how to achieve this determination? that is the real question here. It is easy to achieve this determination. The first step is to always think about the after-effects if we don’t complete the work on time. If you are a person who cracks under pressure, it is good for you to think about what you achieve if you complete this work. This is the way I used to attain determination.

Prepare a clear schedule.


    This is the most important step in this whole process. As we understand with the limited time we require a perfect plan to complete ours without overly stressing on the last day. For the planning procedure, a lot of steps should be followed for a good plan. Here we are going to discuss the most important steps in this process. 

List of the works 


This is a must-do work to be perfectly aware of and prepare a detailed list of the works you have to do within a deadline. Analyze it and understand which work requires more time and which requires less. Divide them into small tasks, which will help us feel accomplished. so understand it thoroughly.

The time you have to complete this work 


Analyzing, This is the perfect way through which we can attain the perfect plan. The first thing we should consider is the time you have to complete the work. Clearly analyze.  Thoroughly examine the time, then divide it in accordance with the amount of work you have to do and fix a small amount of time for recess.

Preparing the schedule.


While preparing a schedule requires work, but I can promise you it will be helpful. You have to prepare a clear vision of either what to do during a specific time or how many hours you should spend on the works every day. So understanding the details thoroughly is an important factor. Eg: Tuesday 

      6:30 to 8:00 – study mathematics

      8:00 to 9:30 – study physics .

      9:30 to 9:45 – take rest .

When preparing a clear schedule, add time for recreational activities. you can set aside ten minutes for doing something you really even watching youtube or Netflix. Warning for some of us if we start doing other activities we might get distracted. So move this time for recess to the end of our schedule.

Try to stick to the schedule.


Also known as avoiding distraction. This is the most difficult task for everyone one of us. So an easier way to achieve this is to cut off every distraction from our lives during the time we do our works.  So if we don’t get distracted, I can assure you will complete the work as you planned.

Tips when preparing a plan 

  • Try to stick to your time span.
  • Try to put a few days aside when you plan. So if you miss your schedule plan you can complete it on these days.
  • Gift yourself with snack or a few moments to take rest of you to accomplish tasks.
  • It is better to switch off your social media while doing work.

For doing the planning you can use your bullet journal or planner. Hope this post was helpful.

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