how to cope with feeling empty inside

Ever felt so dead inside? Like you are having a funeral inside you? Well, that’s how I have been feeling for a while now. I have been in and out of this frozen state. I don’t know how relatable this feeling is, but I have been feeling that way and I was trying to figure out some ways to get out of the feeling of emptiness in me. And I still haven’t found the actual reasons or the complete cure. But I wanna share some things that have helped me when I am feeling empty inside.

Don’t force you out

feeling empty inside

This is always my first thought when I get into these mental prisons,  I try my best to get me out of it. And my attempt is usually very forceful.  And often a cause of falling down even more. So I have been trying not to force myself out of such a state. Instead, focus on the problem and observe. Just let yourself experience that feeling, and that usually helps me find what’s bothering me and helps me make sense of my emotions. So focus on flowing. I know it’s hard to stay in that kinda state of feeling dead, but hear me out. Whenever I try to force myself out of such a slump, by forcing myself to get a good morning and forcing myself to complete my to-do list, etc. I usually fail because my soul is tired. And when I fail I feel very bad about myself.  And this drives me deeper to that feeling. So please flow don’t force.

Play some music and observe

feeling empty inside

Let yourself be the main character.  Put some music that makes you feel open and calm. And just observe your surroundings. 

Very often we get into the race of life and forget to be observant of all the beauty around us. And over time our eyes become stagnant and we overlook the rhythm of the world we are exposed to. And mostly when you are in that dead-like state your mind won’t notice all the pretty things around you. So just play some music (I like indie-folk music)that makes you feel like the main character, and walk around your home or maybe fill your eyes with the green of nature. Anything that helps you notice and appreciate what’s around you.

Sunlight and moonlight 

I feel like there’s something magical about these celestial bodies. Maybe it’s the vitamin d gain for the sun because whenever I am exposed to direct morning sunlight, I feel so alive and awake. Especially during the times I feel dry and lost inside. So now I try to spend time under early morning sunlight,  which is usually the right amount of warmth. I especially love to face the wall that captures the shadows of the morning sun, it just soothes my soul.

And being in the dark with only the moon as the illumination feels so out of the world. It connects me to myself and my surroundings. Moonlight may not be magical or anything, but I guarantee you that will keep you relaxed and give you inner peace. Also, these times can be a disconnection from the regular pace of life and some time to spend with yourself. If you haven’t tried it before, please do cause it usually helped me a lot to cope with feeling empty inside.

Make your mornings whole and personal 


“Morning is an important time of day because how you spend your morning can often tell you what kind of day you are going to have.”

~ Daniel Handler

Whenever I go down this road of feeling empty inside, I have noticed that I fall behind my morning. That is I spent my morning on my phone lost in social media. Usually, I need an hour or so every morning to myself to have a good day. If my morning is ruined I am very grumpy and distracted. It’s not about routine,  but spending your morning doing things that will improve yourself. Don’t follow a morning routine by a Youtuber or an influencer. I say this because I used to do so. Instead, focus on yourself and do things that rejuvenate your soul. And spend time connecting to yourself.  

Use your devices wisely

My coping mechanism to get out of this slump is usually to distract myself by getting lost in movies or shows or just scrolling and scrolling with guilt till I feel bored. So if you are trying to get out of it try getting out of this cycle of coping, by getting lost online. Instead, engage yourself in something creative. Make some art or DIY something. 

To control your screen time set timers for narcotizing apps and websites.  So you know when to stop. It’s kind of hard to get out of this loop, but this is the most important thing that helps me get out of my emptiness. Because this mindless time spend on my phone made me feel so purposeless. So now I make sure I am conscious of my time spend online. 

Be mindful and grateful

feeling empty inside

Just observe yourself and your surroundings.  Every time you do something ask yourself why and observe your thought process.  Look around your surroundings notice and appreciate. Focus on things that you appreciate.  Maybe take a paper and write down things you are grateful for throughout the day. Accept the bad and be grateful for the good l, you will feel relaxed. When we are unaware and unappreciative of the things around us we might find ourselves empty and exhausted from repetition. Which is not good. So when you go around your day, observe your thoughts and reasons while being satisfied and grateful. No, you shouldn’t force,  but look around and inside you, there will be at least a few things to be grateful for even when the whole world is crashing. 

Use bullet journal productively 

Most of the time this death-like state stems from the feeling of no purpose. And this makes you go around your days distracted and go through the coping loop. Personally, my bullet journal is what helped to remind me of my purpose and connect back to being productive. Try setting up a “could do” list (No this is not a to-do list), which has things you could do. And everytime you check off something off your could do list, you will feel a lot accomplished. This can also get you into the driver’s seat of your life and bring more purpose to your days. Often being a couch potato will make you wanna stay in that condition forever, and we can avoid that by starting to do little things that make you feel productive.

Some other things I do when i am feeling empty inside:

Remember this is just a phase you will feel alive and full of purpose, gradually. hope my tips influenced you in some way. But listen to your body and soul, it will always have answers to your problems. Also don’t be reluctant to seek professional help in case you need it. wishing you a healthy body and soul

to the moon and back, Nidha

ps: I am not a professional, these are just tips from my life experience