how to break free from any relationship

If you are here you are in a predicament to break free from the relationship. its alright, We all have been there. It doesn’t matter if it’s a romantic relationship, friendship, family, or whatever, it is always hard to leave behind a relationship. But anyone who has been there known that staying in that relationship is even harder. And when things get harder and toxic for your soul it will always be better to break free. I am not saying it will be easy, but its better than ruining yourself. And when you won’t leave a relationship healthily there are chances that you forget even the great part about that relationship. And it is not good that way. So in this blog post, I will help you through the process, reminding again: it is not easy and it takes time

BEFORE parting


first of all, ask yourself a big why? Why are you feeling like you don’t want this relationship anymore? I would suggest you journal on this question and most often you will know the real and deep reason when you pour it all out into a paper. Just figure things out. And if you have no particular reason it’s better you stay in the relationship. If you are just getting toxic vibes it is also very reasonable to leave a relationship. Just remind yourself of all the good things in that relationship and also consider the bad parts. Take the decision only after weighing the pros and cons.


how to break free from a relationship

it’s always best to keep things open and direct. Tell them what’s bothering you and see if they are willing to correct their mistake. Let them know why you think that this specific relationship won’t work and listen to their response. If they are willing to change give them another chance to make things work and if they are stubborn and ignorant, girl you are better without that person in your life!


there will indeed be a reason why you feel like ending a relationship. Maybe a red flag or a mistake. But remember no one is perfect and second chances are there for this reason. So my first advice if you feel like breaking a relationship is to give a few chances. Ignore little mistakes and give them chances to correct their mistakes. But if its a big red flag and if they broke some value very significant to you, it is okay not to give chances .and also don’t give too many chances, which might probably lead to your destruction. But always remember that no one is perfect and neither are we. Imagine ourselves in their shoes and then determine how many chances we should give them.


If they are willing to change give them time. Time is essential for growth so don’t deny it.and if they take effort it shows they care about the relationship. But if they are not willing to make any effort to solve problems and heal the relationship get out of the relationship ASAP. They don’t deserve you in their life and you don’t want such toxicity in your life too.

midst parting



I won’t say this is essential. Because in some scenarios it’s good to bid farewell and politely let them know you don’t want them in your life anymore. But in other cases its better to walk away quietly, especially from a toxic relationship. If you don’t feel like explaining yourself it is okay to let it go. It completely depends on you if you wanna say goodbye or not. in my case I won’t say goodbye if I am really done with a relationship, I just leave.


when you have decided to let go of somebody you should distance yourself from them. Stay away from their life and also don’t let them into your life again. Block them in social media if you don’t want them in your life anymore. Also, don’t stalk them whatsoever.i know it will be hard, you will have an urge to see what’s happening in their life. But when they are out, there is no way back. also stalking your ex-friend, boy/girlfriend will only sabotage you, and you won’t be able to let go of them completely if you keep checking on them.

AFTER parting


how to break free fom any relationship

every relationship no matter how bad they were will certainly have some or a lot of good times. Take time to cherish all the good times, and also accept the bad times just as they are. Don’t make conclusions of the past time .dwelling on the past will only make your present worse. Just keep the goodness in you are go forward and move on.


I am a firm believer that every person that ever comes to our life is to teach us something. There is always a lesson to learn. we learn it either through an easy way the hard way. But there will always be a lesson to take with you even after you left a relationship. So after you have ended things with somebody ask yourself what you can take from this relationship. Evaluate all the lessons you learned and all the ways you grew. And take these along you as you move forward in life.


rebound relationships are very common but not at all healthy in any way. It will only temporarily take your mind off the relationship you left. And such relationships prevent you from facing the reality in front of you. So instead of jumping into another relationship right after you have left one, build a solid relationship with yourself. Channel all the energy from bad emotions due to this break up to your self-growth. Grow yourself as a person learn new things. This is a perfect opportunity to start over, reset your life, and build something new in your life.

And these are the things to help you break free from a relationship. always remember that time is the best healer, don’t force all of these to happen quickly. In spite of all these steps follow your instict all along the way. Because you are the only person who knows what’s going inside you. So listen to your inner voice and follow along. if you know someone going through this same situation share this blog post to help them too. tell us your story in the comment box below. wishing you all the best…

love you to the moon and never back, Nidha

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