How To Be A Plant Mom And Grow a forest under your roof

Hey there!let’s talk plants. Have you ever thought of raising your own plant family? ever wanted to be a plant mom? You have come to the right place. I have been a plant mom for years now and I am here to guide you through the journey of being a plant mom and growing your indoor forest.

Gain inspiration 

gain inspiration

If you are here I am assuming you must have already got a lot of inspiration. I am obsessed with Pinterest and it’s my fuel. So if you haven’t already, I highly suggest you go through some pins about plants or beautiful forests indoors, I promise you will WANT a plant family ( check out my Pinterest board for a bit inspiration 😉 ). Also if you are not sure why you want to be a plant mom I highly recommend you check out my last blog post talking about why you should be a plant mom.

Choose your plant 

How To Be A Plant Mom And Grow a forest under your roof

Okay, this is fun. Who is excited??MEEE!!! Time to choose our babies.quick reminder: Always be conscious of the effort you are willing to put while choosing your plant. If you are new to being a plant mom, I recommend you pick easy maintenance plants like cacti, succulents, etc. Snake plants will be great for starters, cause it’s very low maintenance and has very high air purifying properties. Or if you don’t want to pick your plant right away it’s alright, cause I don’t usually decide what plant I wanna get in the first place. so it’s okay to skip to the next step.

Get your plant baby

get your plant

So there are a lot of ways to get plants. You can get your plant from a local nursery or an online nursery. But I am a sucker for collecting plants, ie I whenever I notice a beautiful plant somewhere I pick up a stem or branch with the owner’s permission and propagate these plant parts to be my new baby. But it’s totally up to you to choose the method to get your plant, for first-timers I recommend picking plants from a local nursery,  cause they will give you a lot of information about your plants. Talking about pieces of information

Research about your plants 

How To Be A Plant Mom And Grow a forest under your roof

If you are buying your plant you should do this before you get your plant. But if you have already bought a plant, it’s alright, cause you can research your plants now. But for a plant collector like me, it is impossible to research your plant beforehand. There are chances that you don’t even know what your plant is cause you get new plants when you least expect ( trust me this happens very often). In that case, you can use apps like leaf snap, in which you take a pic of your plant and let the app guess your plant’s name, tbh they are very accurate most of the time. so when you get the species name of your plant, let’s grab our glasses and get into research mode, shall we?

So while researching about your plants make sure you educate yourself on the following details:

  • Water: well-drained soil, normal, moist
  • Light: full sun, partial sun, or full shade 
  • Nutrients
  • Space

also make sure you note down some tips to take care of your particular plant species.Good luck researching 

Provide the essentials

provide essentials

So after your research, you must know what are the basic requirements of your plant, so now it’s time to feed and take care of the basic necessities of your plants. Give your baby everything to help it grow. And take care of the special needs of your plant. I don’t know why but I find the watering process very therapeutic, and I really hope you find joy in nurturing your plants.

Choose a perfect spot 

How To Be A Plant Mom And Grow a forest under your roof

It’s essential to choose a specific place for your plant that meet the lighting requirements. Cause if you move your plant around very often, there are chances of disrupting your plant’s growth. So choose a stable and regular place for all your plants. Everyone loves home and so do your plant, so why not give it a separate spot? most of us choose to be a plant mom for their beauty, so you can use your plants for decorating your home. choose a place that makes your room look good while taking care of the light needs of your plants. if you have a window sill, I would say its the perfect place for your plant. but it’s all up to you, follow your heart, and choose wisely.

Name your plants

name them

By this time you will be quite attached to your plants, but even if you are not,  it’s nice to give them names. It’s like naming your kid. For me, the best part of raising my green friends is naming them and calling them by their beautiful names. Most of the time I find that my plant has its own unique personality, and I can’t help but give them a name matching their personality. I am not saying you have to, but it’s nice if you do right?. my cacti is named cat, my aloe: luna, snake plant: Tallulah, etc. I know it might sound crazy to some but I love the aspect of it. And moreover, these names make me feel more connected to them, so if you don’t feel attached to your plants (in a healthy way) I encourage you to give your babies a beautiful name. let me know the names you choose for your plants in the comments section.

Make a routine 

How To Be A Plant Mom And Grow a forest under your roof

It is important to keep an eye on your green friends and make sure to provide them with necessary light, water, etc. So I suggest you pick a time every day to take care of your plants. It doesn’t have to be too long, just three to five minutes is all you need. And also it’s great if you take the time to talk to your babies. I know it might sound weird, but it’s proven that talking to plants helps with their growth, and also you can clear your head talking to them about your life. It’s just like a pet animal, the more you engage with them the happier and healthier they become.

Watch them grow

How To Be A Plant Mom And Grow a forest under your roof

Now you are a plant mom and you have your little plant family. Now all you have to do is sit back and observe their growth and beauty. No, You can’t just sit back, cause you have to nurture them following your routine mentioned above( to any discouraging inner voice: no, it’s not that hard to take care of your plants, it’s actually fun as you get familiar ). But how great is that you can enjoy their little milestones like a new leaf, increased length, etc. Isn’t it nice to observe your plants reacting to all the effort you put into helping them grow? I know you might think I am crazy, but you will relate if you are a plant mom, and if you are not a plant mom yet, trust me you will relate once you have your plant family. So What are you waiting for? go build your plant family already

Take in the lessons you plants teach you

take in lessons

Plants are great teachers, they have taught me a lot of great life lessons. They trained me to find happiness in growth, they reminded me that its okay to fall. So Don’t ignore their little but valuable messages. Take time to observe what they are showing us and practice these qualities in your life. You only hear if you care to listen. So listen to their metaphors, that speak a thousand words.


How To Be A Plant Mom And Grow a forest under your roof

Okay! This is not a step, cause by now you must have already grown obsessed with your little plant family. obsession is a natural trait of a plant mom. and trust me you little plant babies will definitely steal your heart.

And that’s it! that’s how you become a plant mom. before you go quick advice: please don’t be hard on yourself, if you kill your plant. it happens, its all the part of the journey. and I bet you will get more efficient in keeping them alive over time with practice. so take it slow and enjoy every step of the journey. send my regards to your plant family, you got this!!

to the moon and never back, nidha

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