how I journal to build self-connection

Journaling is like whispering to one’s self and listening at the same time.

Mina Murray

A journal means different to everyone. For some its a book of their memories and life events, for some others its a place for them to dump their feelings and emotions, and for some its a platform for spiritual awakening, the list goes on and on. I have been journalling for 4 years now and to me my journal is everything. It holds a part of my soul that I only get to visit when I write. My journal is a note to my past present and future self. How do I do all that in one place? That’s what I will share with you in this blog post. And if you are new to journaling, I am here to guide you through the journaling process that I call impromptu journaling and, how i journal to build self-connection.

how i journal to build self connection



unlike bullet journalling, impromptu journaling doesn’t need anything fancy. Just with a book and pen, you are good to go. Its best to have a hardcover JOURNAL journal, but even a simple notebook is fine. In this method of journaling, everything is total up to you, it’s wild and free. Got a book and a pen? Let’s get journalling…


my journal doesn’t have a specific order or a strict way to follow. And the theme of my journal is my life. So anything goes in an impromptu journal. You just gotta listen to the tunes of your heart and note them in your journal. So here are some ideas about some topics or activities you can include in your journal. There is no pressure for including any of these in your impromptu journal, but if any of this catches your soul feel free to include them.

daily gratitude


ever since I read the book the magic by Rhonda Byrne I was drawn to the concept of gratitude. And I started to complete the activities in that book in my journal, which was writing gratitude with an intention daily. And once I finished that book I decided to keep writing a list of things I am grateful for in my journal. And I still do it now, cause gratitude has always helped me to connect to my soul and my creator, and consequently made me a happier person.

moon phase thoughts


I am a moony ( is that even a word? I don’t think so), that is I have always been mesmerized by the moon. And I always keep on track with its phases. I don’t know if it is the energy of the moon but I have deep thoughts when I am under the moonlight. So where do these deep thoughts go? Definitely in my journal.

reminders to myself

how i journal to build self-connection

whenever i am going through hard times instead of writing how hard everything is, i write down what i would say to a friend who is going through the same trouble. And when i reread it it makes my feel better. This is basically looking at your problems from an outsiders prespective. also whenever i put my thoughts into words i feel very fulfilled.

keep track of challenges

I love trying on new challenges. Whenever I want to try a new habit I take it as a challenge and do it for a week and keep track of my progress. And by the end of the week, I will be clear if I want to include the said habit into my daily routine. Also, whenever I feel unmotivated to check off that habit I could read back on how this habit made me feel and gain my motivation back by analyzing my growth over time

journal to a prompt

.if I feel like journaling and don’t know what to journal about I use journal prompts. Journal prompts are really helpful to ask yourself questions and wander unexplored areas of your soul. they always make me think deep. Also if you are someone who doesn’t like writing as much journaling prompts can guide you to write all of it down. there are some really good prompts out there, especially on Pinterest (check out my Pinterest board to get a few). You could even ask yourself a question and listen to where your heart takes you. I bet it will go a lot far than you will ever imagine


poetry is also a way through which my soul communicates with me. And I love how just a few words combined can express deep emotions. Sometimes my soul spill poems out of the blue and my journal have always been the go-to storage space for all this poetry. I post a few of my poems and some moon phase thoughts on my Instagram (check it out!!!).


I have read ideas are like butterflies, they fly from one person to another if you don’t act upon them. So when an idea hits me I always make sure I write them down in my journal so that I can come back to them later on.

spiritual thoughts and realization

I am on a continuous journey to question my spirituality and beliefs. And I try to jot down everything I learn and discover in my journal. I believe its all a process and it takes time, so it’s important to have a solid copy of your realizations and discoveries in your journal that you can come back to any time. Sometimes writing it all down makes me feel a strong connection to my creator.

tips and reminders to future me

I often consider my journal as a guide to my future. Like its an opportunity for my future self to look back and learn from present me. So whenever I come across something that will be helpful for me in the far future I write it down in my journal, with a title “please note future me”. It may sound cheesy. But in my defense I don’t want any information or idea I come across to go useless.

letters to past and future me

this is such a fun activity. It’s like traveling to a dimension that you are not in right now. And giving advice that version of you living in that period of your life. Sounds exciting right? If yes try it yourself, even if you don’t want to include it in your journal. Also, imagine reading this same letter in the future, would everything will be the same way you imagine? or you can even write letters to your future kids.

thoughts and emotions

more often people use their journals to express their thoughts and emotions. And if you are like me Doing this will help you to make sense of all the stuff going on in your messy head. And when you have every emotion in a piece of paper right in front of you, it will be easier for you to analyze them.

book notes

I am a bookworm and I love jotting down pieces of information and quotes while I read a book, especially if its a non-fictionbook, and I use my journal to store everything i learn as i complete the book.

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podcast notes

just like books I love listening to podcasts. And all podcast notes go in my journal.a

self pep talks

I talk to myself a lot. so I give pep talks to myself when I am feeling a little bit down. these pep talks can be used in the future in case you feel a bit discouraged

Putting pen to paper is a mystical way to access your most profound truths

marie forleo

favorite quotes

quotes are the fuel to me. They really can motivate me. So when I come across a quote that speaks to me guess where it goes? You guessed it right, my journal.

my dreams

I am always in my head . even my night dreams are so distinct and they don’t get out of my head easily even when I wake up. And I believe all dreams come to us with a message or a sign. hence all my daydream and sleep dreams go in my journal, so I can interpret their inner meanings. Also, my dreams, as in my goals, and wishes also go in my journal so I can make them come true.

Letters to negative people

whenever someone in my life treats me badly, instead of writing how bad they are, I write a letter with all my confessions to them. This way I have a positive outlook on the situation and I don’t hate them as much.


where do you want to store all the good times in your life, in your journal duh! If you are interested you can track your memories in your journal using pictures too. I love to write about all the good memories in little paragraphs. But when it comes to beautiful moments or short events I usually write it on the header of my journal, so they are easily noted.


when i journal i write what my soul says. You can do this by imagining a perfect version/ an understanding version of yourserlf inside you, listen to him/her. It might sound crazy to you but trust me. Once you start doing it comes easy to you.


there is no particular time you have to journal. you can do it whenever you want. but if you are cool with it I recommend you write a bit every day. but no pressure at all you can do however you like.just feel the connection between you and your journal.


  • write anything and everything. There are no limits. You can write as little or as a lot as you want.
  • you don’t have to write daily. But remember in impromptu journaling you are writing when your soul speaks. So if you can’t write, it means your soul has gone silent, and its time to bring him/her back.
  • There’s no order, you can write anything anywhere
  • but if you want some order to distinguish the things you write I recommend you use symbols
  • don’t focus on details, details make your journal too basic.
  • write date and time before or after writing something
  • consider your journal as your best friend so you feel free to share everything with it.


from my experience, I would ask you not to hide your journal. I know it’s private and all that, but more you try to hide your journal the more curious people around you get.also as I mentioned earlier in the tips, try not to write with a lot of unnecessary details, that’s if you are writing about people or some particular events don’t write specifying details like names, or you can use pseudo names to represent that person. this way, you would neither get in any trouble with that person reading your journal nor you have to have their name in red letters all your life.just keeping everything positive.

that’s all you need to know in order to get started on an impromptu journal. this method of journaling is all about finding yourself and maintaining a healthy relationship with your soul. if you are too overwhelmed, I advise you to start slow and maintain a slow pace. you don’t get a perfect journal overnight, it takes a lot of time because it’s your life that your journal is reflecting. I hope you discover a connection with yourself with this method of journalling.tell me about your journaling journey in the comments down below. wishing you all the best.

love you to the moon and never back


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