how to study maths effectively

   Studying mathematics doesn’t have a specific way. Mathematics gives us the freedom to think freely and find out own way to solve the problems. Mathematics is subject a lot of people in the world hate. As a person who loves mathematics in this article, I am sharing the way I study mathematics. 

      Mathematics may not be everyone’s favorite, but it is a fundamental thing throughout our life, as Shakuntala Devi said “without mathematics, there’s nothing you can do . Everything around you is mathematics. everything around you numbers”. Living without mathematics is not possible. So it is important to study mathematics. There are some people who are talented in mathematics, but that doesn’t mean anyone without the natural problem-solving ability won’t be able to study mathematics. With proper practice, everyone can achieve high in mathematics.

Believe in yourself

Major problems faced by most of the students while studying mathematics is that they believe that they can’t so mathematics, and thinks it is difficult. Mathematics is really easy and very interesting to be more precise. As Albert Einstein said, ” pure mathematics is in its own  way the poetry of logical ideas .” 

The first and foremost rule for studying mathematics is to have a positive mindset about it. If we do anything believing that we can’t do it? We won’t be able to do it.

So approach mathematics with a positive mindset, believe that you will be able to understand and study mathematics. Keep in mind that maths will be very easy if you believe you can study it. 

Revise the basic concepts 

This is a rule you follow unknowingly while studying mathematics. Any new equations, computation, or algorithms we study are the continuation of what we already studied. Directly or indirectly maths is connected to most of the things .so it is very important to know the basics thoroughly.

So as a student it is a very good thing to revise these basics every once in a while. Knowing the basic thoroughly may lead your thinking to another level, you may even find new ways to solve a problem. So this is another key factor while studying mathematics

Understand the current topic thoroughly

” Mathematics is not  about numbers, equations, computation or algorithms: it is about understanding ” 

Without understanding theory clearly, solving problems or studying is not possible. So it is very important for us to understand the theories thoroughly. I problem I face while studying mathematics is that if I am not able to solve a problem which leads me to get uninspired. So a better way to solve  this is understanding the theories clearly and then attempting to solve problems 

Watch videos which might be helpful

Thorough knowledge and proper understanding of the theory we studied will be very helpful while studying mathematics. To solve a problem, it is a key factor we should know all about the theories associated with it. And most of the time reading textbooks may not help us.

So it is easier to use the help of YouTube to understand concepts .there are a lot of YouTuber or channel that does videos about mathematical concepts and also makes them easier to learn, so it is a good idea to seek help from YouTube or some source which may make our studying easier.

Practice the  same problems more than twice 

 This is a way I always use it while studying for exams. Some may think doing a problem more than once is absurd, but it is actually helpful. Doing a problem more than once helps us to understand that types of the problem clearly and also make it easy to solve them.

This is a method that can be adopted when your aim of studying mathematics is just for good grades in your test. For me, this way helps me to ensure that I won’t make any mistakes while doing the questions I practiced, which leads to good grades. And also this helps us to find new methods for solving the problem and leads to deeper thinking on that topic.

Solve more questions.

“The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics” 

Solving problems is the most fun thing in mathematics. If you think you are not talented in mathematics, you got it all wrong. There are some people who are naturally good at mathematics. But that doesn’t mean maths are for who are naturally good at it. With proper practice, anyone can be good at mathematics. This is a perfect way for it. 

  ” Practice makes perfect” this is the rule for anything, the more we work on something the more perfect it becomes likewise practicing more problems enhances our knowledge on that topic. So I pursue this method for studying mathematics, this method not only enhances our knowledge, but also make it vast and wide, so this is a perfect method for studying mathematics .while practicing problems I usually listen to music it helps me to concentrate.

Studying mathematics sometimes requires hard work. There are no talentless people in the world, if we work hard we are capable of doing anything.

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