how I edit my blog posts | step by step

It’s been almost 6 months since I first launched this blog. It’s been a beautiful learning experience ever since. And I have been getting better at writing and editing my blog posts. So today I thought I will share with you how I edit my blog posts and take you through my whole editing process.

Step 1: Insert the written document to WordPress

So I write my blog posts on google docs on my phone, cause it seems easier to me than writing directly on WordPress editor. So once I have written my post I copy and paste it to the WordPress editor.

Step 2: proofread

how i edit my blog posts

I have installed the Grammarly Chrome extension on my computer and guys it’s a game-changer. It corrects all my spelling and grammar mistakes, which makes the proofreading and correcting process a lot easier. also while I proofread I add extra points to the post

Step 3: add headings and subheadings


I must have usually added the subheadings just while I write. But while I edit I change the heading which is now in a paragraph type block to a heading block. And also I choose the heading types h2, h3, h4, etc. Adding subheadings h2, and even h3, etc make your document more readable. Then, I add a very catchy blog title(h1), . the headline analyzer which is a tool by exact metric plugin help me so much to choose a catchy and SEO friendly headline

Step 4: green sign in readability


One of the must-have plugins for every blog is the Yoast SEO plugin. This plugin has a readability analysis feature which has an algorithm that checks the readability of the blogpost. Which makes it a lot easy to ensure that the blogpost is distinct and readable. So I use this plugin and check off all the things suggested by the plugin to get a green light on the readability.

Step 5:insert images

This is the fun part of editing. For my images, I don’t usually use my own pictures on my blog posts. Instead, I usually use these three free stock image websites

I search with the accurate keyword and download large-sized images from those websites

Then using the image block I upload them in the appropriate places and resize to an apt size. Images are a great way to attract the attention of your readers, so just don’t forget to add some…

Step 5: choose focus keyphrase 

focus keyphrase

Adding a focus Keyphrase helps in boosting your blog’s SEO. It’s a phrase that you want your post to be found for in search engines. so choose wisely.

Step 6: add meta description 

add meta description

Meta description,  if you didn’t know already is a short description of what your post is about. This description shows up under your title when it appears as a search result. So keep it short and catchy

Step 7: add alt text for images

how i edit my blog posts

Alt texts help the search engine understand what the image is about, it’s also helpful when the image cannot be displayed. You can add the focus Keyphrase is the alt text for some images, but generally, just define what the image is about in the alt text.

Step 8:add links

If I am doing a post with a lot of products I link the amazon affiliate links to the names or images of that product. Also if I have any references to something, I link it too.I also add some links to my previous blog posts that are similar to the post I am editing.

Step 9: complete Yoast SEO recommendations 

how i edit my blog posts

I have mentioned before about Yoast SEO to yall. Apart from the readability analysis tool, the most important tool of Yoast SEO is the SEO improvement tool. This to help me to manage the SEO of my post. so it is important to check off all the requirements to make my blog post more SEO friendly

Step 10: add featured image

Finally To make the post further more attractive I add a featured image that is related to the specific blog

so this is how I edit my blog posts with just 10 steps. hope it helped you. subscribe to our newsletter to get notified when I post similar content.

to the moon and never back, nidha

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