Goosebumps series : part two

The curse of the mummy’s tomb 

Another bone-chilling adventure, about the dark deep mysteries of the pyramids . . The sixth book in the goosebumps series. The books hover around the character Gabe, who is a 12-year-old, who is staying with his unclean archaeologist and his annoying cousin Sari in Egypt. 

During his stay, his uncle takes Sally and him on a visit to a pyramid, which he was currently studying and due to a curse in the pyramid, a lot of his workers got sick. Sari and Gabe meet a mysterious guy called Ahmed, in a museum. during the visit to the pyramid, he and Sari get lost inside the pyramid, resulting in them discovering deep secrets and mysterious parts of the pyramid and the truth behind the curse.

Was it the mummies or someone they know, who put the curse on the workers? Join Gabe and sari on their adventure to know the truth about the curse. 

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Let’s get invisible

  This is a series with a very good twisted ending .our main character max, discovers a mirror in the attic of his house, a magic mirror, a mirror that can make anyone invisible. 

So he invites over his friends and introduces them to the mirror. Max, his friends, and his left-handed brother start to play with the mirror. Soon Matt and his friends discover that staying invisible for too long is making them lose control of their bodies. For great power, there is a price, right.

 Staying invisible for a long time is causes the person to switch body with the alternate ego in the mirror, the ego is just opposite like the mirror. Who all does the mirror take ??? Will max be able to save them all or be the cause of their destruction ??? Read the book to find what happens in the end.

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Egg monster from Mars.

It all started with an egg hunt, Dana’s bratty sister brandy wanted an egg hunt for her birthday, but if it had ended up like a normal one, it would have been good. During the egg hunt, they find an egg, pale green size of a baseball with veins all over it. And one day it hatched came out a yolk like a creature.

 Dana freaks out seeing this monster and takes it to a scientific laboratory in her town .he meets a scientist named Dr gray and Dr gray explain to him that this egg was from Mars. But gray locks him in a cold room to study him. Due to the low temperature in the room, Dana freezes but the egg monster merges with the blanket to keep her warm.

But In the morning a furious Dr gray was a trying to kill her for ruining his works. Will he be saved or left to die there ??? Was it the only egg on earth ?? Read the books to find out more 

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Night of the living dummy ii

  This is the thirty-first book in the goosebumps series. Slappy, the ventriloquist dummy is a person we all know.  He is the main villain in goosebumps movies. Amy Kramer, a young ventriloquist is the main character in this book.

 Amy’s doll Dennis lost his head during a performance. So her father gets her a new doll from a local store, Slappy. Slappy wasn’t beautiful, but he functioned fine, too fine to be precise. Slappy’s head was filled with a sandwich and a sheet filled with words, which will cause destruction in her life. Amy read the following words” KARRU MARRI ODONNA LOMA MOLONU KARRANO” and everything changes. 

From the destruction of her sister’s arts, slappy begin to destroy everything and no one believes her when she said slappy was behind it. Slappy Threatens to destroy her family if she didn’t do his biddings. Will she be able to save her family from an evil doll or will the evil doll destroy her whole life??? Read the book to join Amy and Sarah on their adventure to save their family from slappy.

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