Introduction to the goosebumps series

     Goosebumps is a series by a well known and one of favorite author Robert Lawrence Stine, who is commonly known as RL Stine. His unique way of writing is showcased throughout this series, which contains sixty-two books. A perfect book for any bookworms to read, during exam time, as all the books in the series have different stories, not connected and is also small, so we can read it during recess time and finish it very fast. 

Just like the name, these books literally gives us goosebumps. Each and every chapter in this book ends in a cliffhanger and usually has a funny or unexpected ending. This is a perfect series to read in the fall. So here are few books from this series and their summary. Read the book to join their bone-chilling adventure.

Goosebumps: Welcome to the dead house

Welcome to the dead house is the first book in this series. Amanda and her family, inherits a new house from her unknown uncle, at a mysterious town called dark fall. Just like the name the town has a dark spooky aesthetic and people who are very strange.

Just as they move in Amanda,  her brother Josh and their dog Petey have a weird feeling about that place, which is true. The city was filled completely with people, who were already dead and were planning to make Amanda’s family join the group of the dead. 

In conclusion, this is an adventure of Amanda and Josh to save their family from the hands of the dead. Will they escape or end up just like the others ?? Join Amanda and Josh on their adventure to find out more.

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Goosebumps: The cuckoo clock of doom 

 This is a book series about Micheal Webster, with a bratty sister named Tara whose major aim in life is to make Micheals life a living hell. 

This story begins with Micheal’s father, who is an antique lover, buying a very old grandfather clock which had a legend behind ..the was that the clock was put under a spell by a sorcerer. As it is forbidden to play with the clock because his father values his antiques, Micheal sneaks at night and tamper with the clock, resulting in time traveling.

 Time-traveling us a good thing, but what if he reaches his younger, baby body with the memory and intelligence of a twelve-year-old, and what if he is not able to return or what if he lost someone in the time ??? join Micheal on his adventures to know more.

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Goosebumps: It came from beneath the sink 

After moving in, kat was exploring the basement and she finds a sponge, an old dry one, there began her bad luck. From her father falling down from the ladder, which was blamed on her to her birthday plan got canceled due to bad weather, as this series of bad luck started taking place in her life, day by day the sponge creature also started becoming more and more alive.

What if suddenly our life was completely filled with bad luck? Could life get any worse ?. This is exactly the situation of  Katrina ( kat ), whose life turned to chaos just after moving to a new house.

 Will she be able to destroy the monster or let the monster destroy her life ??? Join Kat on her adventure to save her life. In my opinion, this is one of the best books in this series.

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Vampire breath

This is the forty-ninth book in this series and one of the best books in this series. A bone-chilling adventure, with the most famous supernatural creature vampires. Vampires were considered as scary creatures before Twilight was released. This book depicts vampires as scary creatures.

This all begins with a small fight between Freddy and his best friend Cara in the basement of Freddy’s house. The basement is creepy already, but with a secret door, it is creepier? One day after babysitting job Freddy and Cara go down to the basement to playing air hockey, which results in a fight and accidentally tipping over a cabinet to reveal a secret door .before the finds they already find a bottle of vampire breath and accidentally opening it ???.

Maybe they shouldn’t have opened the bottle, which causes the awakening of a monster, a bloodsucker who has been sleeping in their basement for a very long time. This story process till Freddy realizes his and his family’s connection with this vampire and the secret about his lineage. This book, just like others has an unexpected and funny ending.

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Part two of this series is coming soon………….

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