get your life together with this five-step reset routine

It is common that we lose control of our life once in a while.. whenever my life gets a messy and I get in a rut, I usually hit pause and reset my life. It’s essential to have a reset day when things get a little out of hand. I had a break down recently, and I will be sharing my reset day routine that helped me get back on track, and hopefully, help you too to get your life together

I generally classify my reset day into 5 rituals, and these rituals take care of almost all aspects of my life. And I would highly suggest you start your reset day by making a list of things to do in each of these categories. so let us begin with the first category


I truly believe that clean and fresh surroundings will help you to be in a clear headspace. This ritual includes cleaning the places you spent the majority of your time, like your bedroom, bathroom, etc. And given below are my tasks in this category( play some music or podcast while doing these tasks to make it more engaging and fun):

  • sweep bedroom
  • dust bedroom
  • clean bathroom
  • organize shelves
  • organize desk
  • wipe furniture
  • wipe mirrors
  • shower time for plants
  • change sheets
  • fix broken things
  • reorganize clothes and stationaries
  • rearrange furniture
  • add new plants


get your life together with this reset routine

when you are done cleaning your surroundings its time to clean yourself up and this second section is all about it. My tasks in this category are:


soul cleaanse

I bet just after the first two cleanse rituals itself you will feel fresh and new.. and now we will have a soul-cleansing ritual. Todos in this category will be:

  • meditate
  • yoga
  • journal
  • gratitude list
  • spend time in nature
  • write a love letter to yourself
  • take a bike ride / go for a walk
  • learn about your religion/spirituality
  • workout
  • read a book
  • watch clouds
  • stargaze


get your life together

we all spent the majority of our time on devices and hence a digital cleanse is mandatory for getting your life together. Try to do these while Digi cleansing :

  • declutter your gallery
  • uninstall unwanted apps
  • unfollow accounts that don’t help you grow
  • clean your email inbox
  • organize your desktop into folders
  • wipe your device screen
  • check your screen time and take steps to minimize it
  • change your wallpapers


get your life together with this five-step reset routine

now in this final ritual, we will manage our life. This includes organizing tasks and things to complete and plan the days ahead…

  • plan your week
  • set weekly / monthly goals
  • set up your bullet journal
  • complete tasks overdue
  • make a shopping list
  • schedule days for the workout
  • start a challenge
  • set up your morning routine
  • set up your night routine

And by completing your 5th ritual you will be back in control of your life and now its time to relax after a long day.. you can chill by watching a show, being creative, spending time with friends and family, have your favorite food, etc….

so this is my reset day routine. feel free to add your own tasks to these categories to create a personalized reset day. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just do what your soul and body want and get your life under your control.try not to be too rigid and take things as it comes …all the best

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