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I have been hearing about menstrual cups for a long time. And have been researching it for years. So I finely gathered some courage to try it out by myself. And here is my menstrual cup experience, for the first time.

Ps: TMI alert

How it all began

I ordered my menstrual cup of a brand called Namyaa from amazon. As I was a beginner I went for size small. It also came with a cleaning liquid which was great. It felt so weird imagining this thing had to go inside me! Something you should know is that I am still a virgin. And something that big (even if it was the smallest size) going into my vaginal canal sounded horrific. But I was excited to try, cause anything that can substitute pads are a blessing.

First attempt 

menstrual cup reviews

So right when I got it, I decided to try it on, remember I was not on my period then (I think was in the luteal phase of my cycle). I kept the cup in boiling water for a while to sterilize it, then washed my hands and got ready.  I tried out a few folds by using this video guide. And as the punch down fold had the narrowest entry point I decided to try it out. Trying to relax ( wasn’t successful cause I was very anxious) I tried to put it into my vaginal canal, but it was so hard and it kinda hurt my vagina. So I decided to postpone my attempt to my period days so there is natural lubrication.

My tips:

  • Don’t use the menstrual cup on non-period days
  • Relax yourself 

Period day 

menstrual cup experience

I was having very bad cramps as usual. So I didn’t try it right when I got my periods. So after a while, once my cramps subsided I decided to use my menstrual cup.


menstrual cup how to use

Just as before I boiled my cup and washed my hands. This time I was far more relaxed than before (thanks to all the great articles I read and the videos I watched, I felt prepared ). I tried the punch down fold, where I punched down the rim of my cup to the bottom. I tried inserting and thanks to mucus in the menstrual blood, it went right in. But right when I put it in I got very concerned if the cup had popped open. Cause it was easy to insert than I expected. So I tried removing and I as couldn’t feel any pressure it confirmed my assumption. Was kinda hurting at this point, not bad though. I wasn’t ready to give up yet so I tried it on again. It was easy and I also did the rotating thingy to make sure the cup did open. I was still a bit unsure, but I was staying home, I decided to let it be and fix if it leaks.

While wearing 

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For my first time, I almost wore it for 6 hours ( you can wear up to 12 hours though). For a while, the stem of my cup was kinda poking my labia, and I kinda hurt. Now I know it was because the cup was placed too low. But after a while, the poking stopped cause the cup moved further up. Then it was heavenly cause I couldn’t feel the cup in me at all. And I kinda felt like I wasn’t on my periods.  Not gonna lie I wasn’t very carefree, because I was scared it might leak. But nothing happened and I felt liberated.


menstrual cup

By this time I was over my fear to touch my vulva, so I felt calmer. To remove I inserted my fingers into my vaginal canal and got hold of the stem and wiggled it out. Once I got the grip of the base of the cup I punched it in to release the suction and pulled it out. It was fairly very easy than the inserting process. 

I was only filled up to the very base And it didn’t even spill a bit. It was kinda gross (not as gross as a bloody pad) but I was fascinated to see the color of actual menstrual blood. I had some cramping after removal,  don’t know if it was my usual cramping or due to the cup. 

sleeping with the cup

Menstrual Cups: How to Use, Benefits

The second time inserting was easier. And wore it while sleeping. Everything was fine until I woke up from my sleep cause I could feel some leak, thank god I woke up before it stained my sheets. I feel like it was due to my sleeping positions Not bad cause pads always stain the sheets at night. I really need to get used to it.


menstrual cup experience

Anyway, it was my first experience using a menstrual cup here are some pros and cons from a first-time user (remember I have always heard it gets better with practice).


  • Couldn’t feel the cup in me
  • No rashes on the skin
  • Very comfortable if worn right 
  • Eco friendly
  • Not as gross as pads 
  • Doesn’t stinks
  • An opportunity to learn more about vagina
menstrual cup amazon


  • take time for inserting and removal
  • Kinda hurt on the first try
  • Feel very anxious about leaking
  • hard to know if placed right
  • Need to keep it Sterilized after every use

As you can see more pros than cons. So the question is will o use it again? Definitely, because the merits outweigh the demerits. 

That’s all for my first attempt with menstrual cup. I really encourage you guys to give it a try cause the benefits for the environment and yourself is a lot.  If you give menstrual  cups a try let me know about your experience in the comment section below. 

To the moon and never back, nidha

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