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Reading is the day to day habit most of us enjoy. Reading helps us to increase our mental strength and also gives us something to keep our minds busy. Diving into the deep, mysterious world of books is something every bookworm loves. Fall is the perfect season for bookworms, the warm climate, the aesthetic everything screams cozy. In cozy weather, reading is a bookworm’s favorite activity. fantasy is a genre most of us love.

When we think about fall, the first things that come to our mind are maple leaves, the cozy feeling, and Halloween. Halloween is a festival loved by all. As a lover of this festival, in order to match this mysterious fantasy aesthetic of fall we need a book from the fantasy genre .In my opinion fantasy books help us to escape from reality , to escape this cruel world. So this is a post for all the fantasy book lovers out there.

Harry Potter series by j k Rowling 

      This is a series known by all and adored by most, the magnum opus of J K Rowling. This series contains 8 books, every one of them as good as the other, with a perfect movie adaptation.

       Adventure of Harry Potter, a brave wizard who lived his life with his Muggle relatives suddenly on his eleventh birthday thrust into the amazing world of magic, Hermione Granger, an intelligent bookworm, and Ron Weasley, a funny and brave wizard. A journey of harry life finding friends, a new family, and a chance to save the world.  A book that values bravery, friendship, and loyalty, a book that makes us wish to be a witch or a wizard.

Read this book to join Harry Potter, the boy who lived in his adventures to defeat the dark forces of Lord Voldemort, from taking over the world.

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Mortal Instruments series  by Cassandra Clare

A book series by Cassandra Clare, containing six books. The book is based on Shadowhunters, a supernatural creature also known as Nephilim, half human half angels. Shadowhunters are supposed to protect the mundanes, humans from dark forces. 

This book follows our main character, Clary fray, who didn’t know about supernatural creatures till her eighteenth birthday. In the first book city of bone, it is about Clary and her friends, trying to save both her mother and the world from her father valentine, the bad guys who are trying to destroy downworlders (other supernatural series ).

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The Vampire Diaries series by L J Smith 

 The vampire diaries is a young adult, horror vampire series by l j Smith, with an outstanding movie adaptation.  This series contains ten books. 

      The book hovers around our heroine, a highschool cheerleader Elena Gilbert, who recently lost her parents. This book begins with the arrival of Stefan Salvatore, a vampire, and his brother Damon Salvatore in mystic fall, a  small town. Adventures  Elena and her friends, Caroline, Bonnie, Matt, and Stefan, saving the human of mystic falls from the uprising threats of supernatural creatures, has a good plot, but not as good as it’s movie adaptation.

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Secret Circle series by L J Smith

   This is another supernatural young adult series by L J Smith, with an underrated movie adaptation. Just like vampire diaries, this is filled with supernatural, but witches instead of vampires. 

This is a book about Cassey Blake, a high school student, who is intimidated to join a circle of witches, which leads their town being in danger from the dark forces. In the town of Salem, Cassey finds herself friends with Diana and Faye Chamberlain and is also stuck inside a love triangle, which threatens to break the circle.

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Fall of Angels series by Keary Taylor

     A supernatural book, staring angels as bad guys ??? . An unusual mysterious fantasy series, with unusual villains. This book series contains three main books and a novella. 

Our main character  Jessica, who leads a very difficult life with tormenting nightmares, a scar, and a family who abandoned her claiming she was crazy, how bad can her life get ??. Very much, she is stuck in a love triangle with a sweet guy and one of the angels, who are the reason for her torment, enters her life-changing her whole future. This is a book filled with suspense and mystery, which makes it impossible to put it down.

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Mediator series by meg Cabot 

If you are looking fantasy and romance together, meg Cabot is the one. The mediator series contains eight books. Mediators are people who can contact ghosts and humans alike, there jobs are to help the ghost find peace.

Our stories happen around, Susannah Simon, a teenage mediator, who just moved to a new town. There she meets a ghost residing in her bedroom, hector “Jesse” DeSilva, who she falls in love with. The series ends with Jesse coming back as human and Suze discovering her ability to time travel. One of the best books of meg Cabot.

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The goddess test by Aimee carter

    This is the perfect adaptation of the epic romance, of Hades and persophone. If you love mythological retelling, this is the best. The goddess test series contains four books and a  novella in total.

The story is about Kate winters, who moves to a new town and her whole life changes. A guy named Henry who claims to be lord Hades of the underworld, promises to save her mother from death if she fulfills his bargain, the same one like persophone. The first book is about the test to decide if she is worthy of being the queen of the underworld, following her journey as the queen of the underworld and saving the world from the enemy, Cronos. The female character is not the bold type.

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Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia

A  series filled with magic, a fight between good and evil magic. This book series contains four books. The main character Lena Duchanes is a caster. A caster is a person who can cast magic, both good and evil.

 But for the Duchannes family, there is no choice, they are fated to have either dark or light magic. This is a journey of Lena, to defeat the fates, instead of submitting to their fate, she makes her own fate .this is a really good book with a good movie adaptation.

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Witches and wizards series by James Patterson

Another series of books filled with magic and stunts, which excites us. It shows us a sibling bond between Whitsy and her brother whit, who were lied by there parents. This book contains the journey of saving the world from the dark forces of the one. Our siblings are whit and Whitsy is even submitted to execution. 

        This is a book series containing five books, in which whit and Whitsy save the world numerous times from dark and evil forces.

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Hush-hush series by Becca Fitzpatrick 

     Looking for a book filled with Archangels, fallen angels, and Nephilim, here is your book. This is a supernatural young adult series with four books. A strange mysterious story about a teenage girl.

       Nora grey is a teenage girl, who crosses her path with a fallen angel named patch, falling in love with him and discovering her heritage. Nora discovers the truth about her father and discovers that she is the leader of the Nephilim.

 As a leader of the Nephilim, she needs to support her people in the war against fallen angels but she needs to protect the fallen angels in order to protect her boyfriend. She is torn between these two decisions .this novel portrays Nora’s adventure to protect both and to establish peace, in which she losses a few she loves.
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