everything you need for the best blanket fort experience

It’s officially October !!! Who is excited? cause I am. Even if there are no golden and red leaves on the trees, I still believe fall takes place during October in India. And whether or not there is an official autumn season during October, I am open to every fall festivities. 

Everything You Need For The Best Blanket-fort Experience

So why not kick start cozy October with a day or two in an adorable blanket fort. 

I had built a blanket fort last month and it was so cozy that I was waiting to set up another during the month of comfiness, October. So here is the only guide you need to build a blanket fort and have the snuggest time in it. Without further ado let’s build the best blanket fort ever!!!

How to build 

Let’s start by building our cute little fort

So here are the materials you need

  • Blankets
  • Bed sheets or tapestry 
  • Heavy objects
  • Chair, table, or some surface for structure 

Okay once you have gathered all these items, its time to build the fort 

There are a lot of different ways to build a fort cause it’s completely dependent on the space you have got. Here are a few methods 

Window method 

If you have a large window you can tie the ends of one or two sheets onto the window rails and then join them together away from the window onto a chair or table. Cover the sides with more fabric and lay the blanket on the floor inside your fort. 

Table method

If you have a table big enough, all you have to do is drape some sheets ( long enough to touch the floor ) on all the sides of the table… That’s it, an easy way to build your fort

Hanging fort

Tie a rope into your ceiling and fix two long fabric at the height you want your fort to be. Spread this on the floor to form a cave-like arrangement.  This will be a small fort than the others mentioned above,  so use every bit of the space available.

Okay, these are the standard forts. But you can build a fort of any shape or form wherever you like. As long as you have a tent-like structure and a cozy interior, you have a great fort.

Cozy things to add

So we are done with building the structure of the fort. But the blanket fort is not complete without a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.so here is a list of things to bring elements of comfiness to your fort:

  • blanket fort
  • Everything You Need For The Best Blanket-fort Experience
  • Everything You Need For The Best Blanket-fort Experience
  • Everything You Need For The Best Blanket-fort Experience
  • blanket
  • pillows (lot and lots of pillows)
  • Throws
  • Plants
  • Fairylights 
  • Blankets (duh!)
  • Candles ( only if you are sure it won’t turn your fort into ashes πŸ˜‰ )

Yay!! That’s it we have our little fort and an official October den. 

Fort activities

Wait but what are we going to do in our blankie fort. No worries I have got a lot of ideas. Climb into the fort, let get cozy and do all of these:


It’s important to get your skin comfortable too, put on a DIY facemask before you even get into any of these activities. The perfect way to kill two birds with a stone. Let your skin chill with you.


Grab a book; Come on let’s get lost in alternate universes. Fiction or nonfiction catch up on your favorite books or try new books. I usually prefer young-adult romance. 

Watch a movie

If you love horror movies watch one in your fort and get the Halloween spookiness. Maybe even get a few of your friends to join your horror movie marathon. I am not courageous enough to watch anything that’s paranormal,  so I’ll pass. Or maybe I could watch some non-scary Halloween movies. Btw don’t forget some popcorn or chips.

Binge-watch an entire show

Okay, that may sound a bit extreme, but why not? Binge-watch your favorite show, more Halloween themed the better. Let the October vibes kick in.


Had any great insights lately, write it down. Or maybe journal your experiences in your fort. I love journaling to get some clarity, and it’s a great way to give some cozy time to my inner self.


The best way to cozy up is to take a little nap in your little fort. Let yourself fall asleep and get lost in your dreams. 


Let your creative juices flow. Get some art supplies and sketch something. Soak in the ambiance of your fort and pour it into your masterpiece. πŸ˜‰

Enjoy rain

Chances are October will give you some rainy days. And if your fort Is close to a window  (or a window fort that we talked about earlier in particular), Snuggle up and watch the heavenly rain falling. Maybe you could even meditate to the sound of rain.


So lately I have been soo into coloring on this app called recolor (not sponsored). Not gonna lie it’s pretty relaxing. Combine some relaxing coloring with your relaxing fort. A Double relaxed you? great.

Listen to music or a podcast 

Get lost in the tunes or in a galore of info through music or podcast. Give some off time to your eyes and entertain yourself with your ears. Maybe listen to some Taylor swift (especially folklore album) or catch up on your fav podcasts while watching a storm. Great vibes.

Catch up on your favorite Youtuber 

I haven’t been on YouTube lately. So maybe a blanket fort day is the perfect time to go on a youtube spree. 


If you are into writing and there’s some story or poem that’s been chilling in the back of your mind, utilize the energy of your fort to focus on your writing. Let your words chill on paper 

Catch up on some tasks 

I bet your blanket fort will inspire you to get things done. So if you are feeling inspired catch up on some tasks that you have been putting off for a really long time. Get it done and over with.

isn’t that enough activities for your days in the blanket fort? that’s Everything You Need For The Best Blanket-fort Experience. so built that freaking blanket fort and activate all the October spirits. comment down below your blanket fort experience, subscribe to our newsletters to get notified on all the fall festive posts. happy cozy dayssss!!!

to the moon and never back, nidha

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