Sassy comebacks for introverts .

 Introvert are one of the weirdest and complicated creatures. we are too private and secluded.   Everyone is so curious about introverts, which leads them to ask questions, and sometimes the question is too rude ( like “are you on drugs?”).

Just because we don’t talk too much doesn’t mean that we don’t respond to anything. We don’t talk too much because we are lost in our thoughts ( no one plans a murder out loud ). All introverts are not shy. Being shy and introverted is not the same.

Never think that an introvert doesn’t respond to insult because they don’t talk. So here are some comebacks (not too rude) for such questions  .if an extrovert is reading this try not asking these questions to an introvert.

Are you okay?


Introverts don’t talk too much, we dislike it .so don’t judge by how or how much we talk. Just because we are not always talking doesn’t mean we are not okay. We are always lost in our thoughts and I think we have a resting bitch face on. This leads others to think that we are angry or something. This leads to constant questioning. so just reply “I have a pulse, so l guess  I am okay “

Why are you so quiet?


Introverts are quiet. This is the question every introvert in this world has been asked. “Why are we quiet ?”. We are quite because we don’t find you interesting enough to have a deep conversation with .if you ask a person who is in close relationship with the introvert, they will never agree with this question. From my experience, every person that meets me for the first time asks me this question. So how to stop this, just ask them back ” why are you so loud ?”. 

Are you on drugs?

I don’t think this is a commonly asked question. Just because we are quiet doesn’t mean that we are on drugs or something. Talking less doesn’t mean we are depressed.  So to solve this ask them ” Are you drunk? ” If they reply yes, they might be really drunk. But if they answer no, just say”oh sorry, I thought you were,  as you don’t have control over your actions or words ” 

You should speak up more. 

Asking an introvert to talk more is like asking an extrovert to shut up. Just because we are Introverts doesn’t mean we don’t talk. We talk to people who we find interesting and who we can have a deep conversation with. Small talks are a no for introverts. We are not anti-social, we are just selectively social. So just say “ sorry, I don’t talk because you are not interesting enough for me to waste my time talking to “.

why don’t you get out more often? 

  This is a question even my parent ask me .” Why should we get out more “. Even if we say no they still keep nagging you. Can they take a hint, everyone is not the same. Introvert stay at home to recharge themselves. We don’t have to get out unless it really necessary( or we feel like it ). What good do we get if we get out more, Nothing? So just say ” unlike you, I don’t have time to waste by going out, I have important things to do “

Do you even have friends?

This is another misconception about introverts. Just because we don’t talk too much doesn’t mean we can’t make friends. We have friends, even with an extrovert. It just takes us a lot of time to get comfortable around others. Introverts usually have introvert friends. So if someone asks so just reply with “don’t you see, it is a perfect question for you and with a   personality like yours, I don’t think you have one”

You are shy, right.?

closed eye

Just because we show reluctancy on talking to strangers doesn’t mean we are shy. This is just wrong .  Being shy and being an introvert is not the same thing.  Just because we don’t do social interaction as much as an extrovert, it doesn’t mean we are shy, we need alone time to recharge.

Shy means being nervous or reserved around other people and introversion means the tendency to be concerned with one’s own thoughts and feelings rather than external things. Introversion and shyness are not the same. If someone says so just say ” I not shy, I am just holding back my awesomeness, so I don’t intimidate you “

Don’t you know how to have fun? 

All are different .so the concept of having fun will be different for all. For an extrovert, they like being around a lot of people, so their definition of fun may be going to social events like parties and spending time with a lot of people.

But for an introvert who needs alone time, it may be sitting home reading books or binge-watching Netflix with there close friends or playing video games  .so as the definition of fun is different for everyone, it’s not polite to ask this question, so just say ” oh, I was having fun until you showed up ” 

Why don’t you talk more about yourself?   

As you can see introvert are private, too private. These questions are asking to open up before someone who we don’t trust or don’t have a close relationship with. (This is one of the most dreadful questions to me) . Everyone should understand this question is no to most of the introvert out there. Or asking questions like are you currently dating anyone? Or who did you vote for or something? Everyone has a wall don’t try to break it if they are ready they’ll let you in. So just reply “I would rather not, stranger danger “.

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