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Harry Potter series, the best books in the world” is a reaction of every Potterhead.  For me too, the Harry Potter series introduced me to the world of reading. It is the same for a lot of us. 

     Potter heads who just finished the book are always confused about what to read next. I have spent a few months researching what to read next after Harry potter. Because I didn’t think that any book could replace Harry Potter from my heart. Don’t worry nerds, there is a lot of good series out there.

Here are some of them 

Percy Jackson and the Olympians By Rick Riordan

       Just like harry potter, it also contains a trio, of the brave ones, the intelligent one, and the  This is the first book I would recommend anyone to read after Harry potter.

       Percy Jackson, demigod son  ( half God and half-human ) of Poseidon, who is fated to save or destroy the world ( typical). In my opinion, one of the best adaptation of Greek mythology. 

With his bravery and loyalty and his sidekick Annabeth, he leads on the journey of saving the world from Kronos, King of Titans ( his grandfather). 

Witches and wizards by James Patterson

    If you’re looking for magic spells and fights, here is another great series for you.

    Another series of books filled with magic and stunts, which excites us. the book portrays sibling bond between Whitsy and her brother Whit, who was lied by their parents about their heritage. This book contains the journey of saving the world from the dark forces of the one. Our siblings’ Whit and Whitsy are even submitted to execution. 

        This is a book series, where whit and whitsy save the world numerous time from dark and evil forces.

Divergent trilogy by Veronica roth

If you love how  Hogwart is classified into houses, this is your book. It is a trilogy by Veronica Roth and a book with a powerful woman lead character.

 Tris prior aka Beatrice prior is a member of a country, where the society is divided into 5 factions. Tris Prior is divergent, who belongs to more than one faction. This Is a series about how Tris defeats erudite factions who overthrow and kill people from the ruling faction abnegation. Just like every book tris has sidekicks too. 

Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan

          Another masterpiece that values friendship, love, and loyalty.   I would say the best adaptation of Greek and Roman mythology. This is a series with 5 books that contain a war, against the evil forces of the earth’s primordial Gaea or as Roman call terra. This war is led by seven demigods, who are mentioned in the great prophecy 

. A book consisting both of adventure, humor, and also loyalty between friends.  This is one of my favorite series. 

  Beautiful creatures by  Kami Garcia 

Another series filled with magic. The main character Lena Duchanes is a caster. A caster is a person who can cast magic, both good and evil.

 But for the Duchanes family, there is no choice, there are fated to have either dark or light magic. This is a journey of Lena, to defeat the fates, instead of submitting to there fate, she makes her own fate. With a really good book with a movie adaptation.

Hunger games series by Suzanne Collins

      A dystopian novel featuring a strong independent intelligent heroine, Katniss Everdeen,  Who is sort of forced to participate in a competition, hunger games. The hunger games are more of a survival of the fittest game, where who stands till the end survives. 

   Katniss nominates herself in order to saves her sister joins these games and destroy the capitol, who enforces this game. This is a series that values bravery and friendship. I am not a huge fan of this series but it is has a really good plot and also has a movie adaptation starring Jenifer Lawrence. 

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