Quarantine equals bored. Every one of us who stays quarantined is bored. We have
nothing to do. We are sitting home doing nothing, so why don’t we use this spare time, which we used to get once in a blue moon, to do something useful. Why don’t we try and master a few new hobbies? Here are some new hobbies I started during this quarantine


Reading stimulates the mind. This is a perfect time for non-readers to start reading or book worms to try a new genre. As we have a lot of spare time left why don’t we start reading. There are a lot of amazing books out there waiting for us or we can even read the book adaptation of the movies we watched
Here are a few of my favorite book
Harry Potter series by jk Rowling
Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan
Divergent series by Veronica Roth
Host by Stephenie Meyer


This is a hobby I started this quarantine. Art helped me to calm my nerves, it is very relaxing. We don’t have a lot of skills for this purpose. We are not going to display this art in public or something. So just try drawing, with every mistake, we take a giant leap towards success.

Learning new languages.

Learning a new language is interesting and sometimes this knowledge might be useful for us in the future. There are a lot of apps that provide study courses for free. So if I were suggesting the best app for this purpose, I would suggest Duolingo. I have been using Duolingo for a very long time, it makes learning fun and also is free.


This is not only fun but can also be adopted as a side business for earning money. We can DIY our room decor, which gives us work that will also make our home look super awesome. DIY can also be used as a side business, for example, we can earn money by selling candles or plant pots or something we made on Etsy.

Bullet journaling

Bullet journaling is fun, but it also helps us to have productive lives during this quarantine. We don’t need a bullet journal for bullet journaling, a journal or a large notebook can be used. Bullet helps us to track our life and make improvements


This is a golden opportunity to learn cooking. Cooking snacks would be the best, we can binge-watch while eating this snack or even try restaurant-quality recipes from chefs like Gordon Ramsay. Cooking is a skill most of us are naturally talented and is also easy to learn or it is fun excluding cleaning afterward


Gardening is easy, excluding the part keeping the plant alive. But it doesn’t stop us from different kinds of gardening. We can even try to DIY a terrarium or fill our rooms with potted plants or even cultivate a few vegetables or flowers. creating a small garden gives us a place to relax and to do a journal or creative writing or something.

Creative writing

Creative writing is a forte outside, professional or academic writing. Creative writing means getting out of the boundaries of academic ways and creating something. It can be poems or short stories or even just our thoughts. It’s also a way to wake our inner authors. Creative writing also helps people to those who thought about pursuing an author as their career