8 essentials for your boho bedroom




socially unconventional in a way regarded as characteristic of creative artists; bohemian.

By definition, I can call myself a boho. And I am literally obsessed with anything bohemian, especially boho room. Not gonna lie boho bedrooms are to die for. I am so obsessed that I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to boho bedrooms. So it’s not a surprise that I am trying ( just trying) to turn my bedroom into a Pinterest worthy boho cave. ( god that’s a lot of BOHO for a paragraph, cant you say I am obsessed). And in my ongoing attempt to make it happen, I have observed some essentials that can give a boho makeover to any boring bedrooms (like mine). So here are the 8 essentials for your boho bedroom:



whats a boho bedroom without plants? Not boho. Plants are an absolute necessity for any boho bedroom. And if you are terrified of the responsibility that comes with taking care of live plants, use fake plants. But I love to take care of plants and I am hence keeping live plants. Also there’s no limit for plants ( especially if its live), just place them everywhere around the room, and you are good to go. And who doesn’t want some green around them? Its like mother nature blessed your bedroom.


8 essentials for your boho bedroom

a huge mirror is great in any bedroom, even if it’s not boho bedroom. But when it comes to a boho bedroom its a must. It doesn’t have to be a regular mirror, you could even place some mirror artworks on the walls. You could even DIY a mirror art by sticking mirror pieces on a canvas as I did in my room.


I swear there’s nothing more magical than fairy lights. Seriously fairy lights can turn any place enchanted with its mellow golden glow. And it looks great hanging around the walls of your boho bedrooms, especially in a room with mirrors. don’t skip fairy lights


candles equal cozy. If it’s scented even better. It’s nice to have soothing candlelight to add to the warmth of fairylights. usually, the only source of light in a boho bedroom are candles and fairylights so you cant not have a candle.


boho room is usually filled up, and to fill your walls you can hang some artworks. You could DIY your own artworks if you are creative. I love line arts, and abstract art .you could make a gallery wall combining all this art. or what about a photo collage on your wall? sounds boho to me.


in addition to painting and illustration, you can fill up your walls with wall decors. This could be shelves with hanging plants, macrame, etc.


everything about tapestries screams bohemian .they act as beautiful headboards, wall art, ceiling decor, or even a throw blanket. Tapestries are elegant and make your room more dimensional at the same time.


I am talking about natural light here. Natural sun lights and those warm shadows they create are a big yes for your boho bedroom. Plus they are essential if you have live plants. but when it comes to artificial lights it’s better to keep it low, just some warm glow will be enough for your boho bedroom.

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