7 reasons why you should be a plant mom

I have a lot of plant babies and I am a plant mom… but my plant babies unlike actual babies, are not a mess or fuss. And I am here to convince you to be a plant mom and build an indoor forest with all your babies (your plants). It’s not hard at all and if you learn to really love your kids you will get better at growing them. So why don’t we quit the intro and just get right into the 7 reasons why I am a plant mom and why you should be too.

for their enchanting beauty

7 reasons you should be a plant mom

who isn’t blown away by the floral beauty around us .what about all the unique shades of leaves? Confession time; green is not my favorite color but I love the shades of green my plants add to my bedroom and surroundings. I don’t think I have anything green around me than my plants. And the hue of the leaves when they get sunkissed is just exquisite. all the different shapes of the leaves are just the necessary dimensions to give life to any place. And especially if you are a bohemian like me plants are essential for your room. plants are the necessary decor piece to any house, it makes our rooms look very chic and classy.

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Clean air and fresh breath

clean air and fresh breath

Unless you leave under a rock, you must know that plants can purify the air (and if you leave under a rock sorry to say you are missing out on all these beauties)and when you nurture plants indoors they can ventilate every corner of your house. It’s like building your personal forest for cleaning the air around you. And I bet you know the feeling when you inhale the really fresh air, it’s like a bit of chill entering your nostrils. but now we aren’t blessed enough to enjoy this beautiful experience. talk about toxic gases around us, we are in a sea of poison. And our plant friends will come to your rescue here, cause they have the superpower to purify our atmosphere and rid of such toxic gases. Aren’t they really great friends?

For a Peaceful and tranquil soul.

7 reasons you should be a plant mom

Have you ever felt very contented when you were surrounded by plants? It’s crazy how plants are capable of healing the human soul . Especially for me when I am around greenery I feel enlightened and still. And I can feel my creativity getting stimulated.  So what do I do? I borrow a lot of green from mother nature and place them all around me. And along with those plants follow that feeling of peace and contentment. Also, buddha might have meditated under the bodhi tree for the same reason.

Trains me to be patient

trains me to be patient

growth is a very slow process. And to anyone witnessing growth time feels like forever. Even our growth as a person takes time. And quite often we find ourselves rushing for results. Hence patience is the key to enjoy the process of growth. And when it comes to patience,  plants are the best teachers. When we plant a sapling we are so eager to see it grow into a tall and beautiful plant, but it takes time for that to happen. So when we take care of plants we are unintentionally training ourselves to be patient and to enjoy every little milestone in our life.

Connects me to mother nature

7 reasons you should be a plant mom

Most of us live in humongous concrete jungles and we have forgotten about nature. And consequently missing out on all the beauty mother nature exhibits for our visual pleasure and fulfillment. And as I mentioned above the changes nature brings to my soul are exhilarating. Also, its envious how mother nature embraces changes with changing seasons. Especially as an introvert alone time with nature is essential for me to recharge my social battery. I love to be in sync with nature and it’s not possible for most of us to get sufficient dose of nature. Want a solution? create an indoor forest.

To clear my head

to clear my head

don’t judge me but I talk to my plants. Sometimes I talk about whats going on in my life, some other times I teach my plants all the life lessons I learned. I talk to them like a mother. Also, In a study performed by the Royal Horticultural Society, researchers discovered that talking to your plants really can help them grow faster. So that’s a win-win situation.after hearing about that I talk to my plants even more. And I really encourage you to talk to your plants too, cause they are great listeners (lol!)

I grow plants for many reasons: to please my eye or to please my soul, to challenge the elements or to challenge my patience, for novelty or for nostalgia, but mostly for the joy in seeing them grow.

David Hobson

Life lesson

life lessons

haven’t you heard the saying nature is the best teacher? I will back this up cause my little plant family has taught me a lot of valuable lessons. Like I mentioned above they taught me to be patient and embrace growth. And I feel like every falling leaf has a message for me. I am sure your plant family will teach you a lot and make you a better person

okay, that’s the 7 reasons why you should be a plant mom. did I manage to convince you to build a plant family? I hope so. If you felt like I was bluffing in this article, I would say you should try to experience this journey to feel everything I mentioned. So why don’t we give it a try, seriously! It doesn’t even cost a penny. If you are willing to be a plant mom, I am excited to tell you a lot of blog posts are coming to guide you through the process. So why don’t you start by subscribing to my newsletter, so you get notified every time I publish a new blog post. Let us start this journey together.

love you the moon and never back, Nidha

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