30 gift ideas for Potterheads

  Gifts are exchanged on happy occasions. If they love the gift it will make the occasion even happier. Gifts are exchanged at many celebrations in our culture. As Christalyn Brannen said  “gift-giving is a part of the culture.  No matter where you are and no matter how long you will stay “Giving gifts to Potterhead are really easy.

    It is not the cost of the gift that matters, it is the value of the gift to them that matters and the love and sincerity of the giver that matters .” Some gifts are big. Others are small. But the one that comes from the heart is the best gift of all “

  For a Potterhead,   Magical items from the wizarding world are capable of making any occasion more magical. A harry potter wand or a book or anything related to harry potter is more valuable than any expensive Things .there are several occasions like birthday Christmas harry potter day etc to gift the Potter head in your life or even to treat your inner nerd. So here are some gift ideas for potter heads.

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1. Harry Potter-themed book

This is a perfect gift for Potterhead who also enjoy writing. or can be used as a journal to store harry potter knowledge.

2. harry potter themed bookmark

Every potter head requires one of these.book marks is required by everyone who doesn’t want to damage their books. So this is a good gift for every Hermione grangers out there.

3. Wands

What is a witch or wizard without a wand?. So this is an essential and most valuable object in every Potterhead life. so this is a perfect gift for any potter head, no matter what age they are.

4. Marauders map

There is no Hogwarts student who doesn’t wish for a marauders map. Every student breaks the rule . So this is the best departing gift for a Hogwarts student.

5. Quill feather pen

Everyone requires a pen to write, even the president or minister of magic requires a pen. There is no perfect gift to a young student Potterhead, then a quill set. So this is a gift both to the young and old Potterheads.

6. harry potter action figures

it is a perfect gift for a potter head child, like everyone else an action figure of their superhero. but as we have mentioned being a potter age doesn’t matter. it is a perfect gift to add to our harry potter collection.

7. harry potter quidditch set

A perfect gift for quidditch lover or to even the sports lovers in the muggle world, a gift for every Potterheads who didn’t get a chance to play quidditch.

8. Hogwarts house robes

A new set of robes is required by every one of Hogwarts. so it is a perfect gift to young potter head preparing for there Hogwarts year and is a good gift to muggles for celebrating Halloween.

9. Horcrux set

This is a perfect gift for Potterheads to add to their harry potter collection. It is every potter heads dream to have the Horcrux in their possession .

10. time turner

this is a rare item to add to your harry potter collection. this magical equipment is rare even in the wizarding world. this is perfect to Potterheads in the memory of Hermione granger, the greatest witch the world has ever known.

11. Pensieve memory set

A perfect gift for Dumbledore lovers all around the world. this is another rare artifact to add to your harry potter collection.

12. Felix felicis

To add a little luck in life Felix felicis is enough , for a potter its gives us the same courage as ron . this ia a perfect gift for potter heads who loves jewleries.

13 .house edition books

if you are planning to gift a potter head according to their house this is the best one. it is a dream of every potter head to own all limited editions of the harry potter series. this is the best gift to a Potterhead.

14. snitch

this is the best gift to a potter head in memory of harry potter, the boy who lived. snitch has a major role in deadly hallows . and it is a nice hiding place for the resurrection stone.

15 .the Hogwarts library box set

this series of books contain knowledge about the wizarding world, and for potter heads, it is like their duty to know more about the wizarding world, so this is a perfect gift for potter heads who are also bookworms.

16. scarves

another essential for potter heads on their journey to Hogwarts till there graduation. it is also a perfect gift to give based on a person’s house.

17. throw pillows

it is our bedroom what a Potterheads sanctuary is. but harry potter furniture is required for this purpose. so here are some harry potter themed cushions for every potter head to establish their dream bedroom.

18. harry potter illustrated edition

this is a harry potter book edition for graphic novel lovers and young children who wish to read harry potter or another book set that can be added to the harry potter collection.

19. harry potter bookends

20.harry potter wall poster

harry potter wall poster is uesd to decorate our houses. this is perfect gift for potter head to provide inspiration to them and also helps in building there sanctuary , and is perfect wall art.

21. harry potter cookbook

This is heaven made gift for our chef potter heads. Every witch, wizards, and muggles love food. And if the food is from the wizarding world it is heaven to potter heads.

22.harry potter charm necklace

A gift for jewelry loving potter heads. A harry potter charm necklace, just like the one worn by Xenophilius Lovegood during bills and fleur wedding.

23.elder wand-style magic pen

This is a perfect back to school gift for any potter head . A perfect gift to remind them what Ron weasely said “don’t let the muggles get you down “

24.harry potter mug

a common gift that can be given to any potter head no matter their age difference. Different kinds of mugs even with inspirational harry potter quotes are now available in the market.

25.desktop stationery set

A gift for creative harry potter fans to write letters. A set consisting of parchments, quill, and even Hogwarts crest to seal the letter.

26.harry potter music box

A music box when the lever rotated plays the famous tune from harry potter movies. It is a perfect artifact to add to the harry potter collection of Potterheads.

27.harry potter themed clock

A gift for potter heads who decides to wake up early. A perfect harry potter decor to add to your room.

28.harry potter dark arts collectibles

Both good and dark witches and wizards exist in the world. Here is a perfect gift set for wizards deciding to join Voldemort. It even contains the death eater mask.

29. harry potter lego collection

the perfect gift for lego obsessed potter heads. Different versions of harry potter lego is available in the market , even games. This is a gift for those who loved to construct.

30. hoodies

this is a gift for fashion-obsessed potter heads. A harry potter themed hoodie to wear during a cold day of winter.

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