30-day self-care challenge; the ultimate plan

We are halfway through September already, and to me, September is the month to take care of myself. hence I call it “self-care-September”. This month I do self-care activities every day. So here the 30-day self-care challenge plan. you can do it any time you want. so here we go:

Day 1: Start a personal growth book

30-day self-care challenge

Its day one of our self-care month and what’s perfect than starting a book right now. So you will be able to complete it by the end of this month. Not any book but a personal development book. And thankfully, we are not at all in shortage of such books. and I have linked a few I have read for you:

and just in case you are new to reading, you could start with a fiction book. as for fiction I suggest you check out must-read ya romance books

Day 2: yoga

30-day self-care challenge

I recently got into trying yoga. And I loved it. how it wakes me up and keeps me in sync with my body and soul got me into making it a habit. And ever since I start my morning with a yoga routine. So if you haven’t tried yoga do it today. Start by following yoga routines on YouTube. Here are a few youtube channels to help you out.

Day 3:go for a walk or bike ride 

30-day self-care challenge

I have been staying indoors like forever, especially since we are in quarantine. I am not much of a walk person, so I love it when I get to take a ride on my bicycle around my hometown. the sense of peace that we get with taking time with nature is nice.

Day 4: watch sunrise and sunset


I am a morning person so I watch sunrise almost every day but I miss sunset most days .. So if you re not a morning person wake up early and watch the sunrise and stay around when sunsets. If you think about it, sunrise is nature’s way to motivate us and sunset is nature’s gift for getting through a whole day. Isn’t that beautiful. So don’t turn your back on nature.

Day 5: skincare/facemask

30-day self-care challenge

Skin care is important.  There is no doubt about it! So take time to put a face mask on at some point today. I suggest  you put it on while you do some other task.

Day 6: take a long bath/shower

shower and bath

Today, Hang around in your bath or shower more than usual. Exfoliate, clean, and freshen up your body. Take time to contemplate on life. And let all your negative emotions go down the drain with the dirt. If you are a shower singer, have a concert in your shower, or play out imaginary scenarios, like I usually do. I have to say is enjoy these little moments with yourself.

Day 7: social media break 

30-day self-care challenge

We are so engrossed in social media and the endless scrolling marathons. So unlike usual, take a day off today from all such distraction. Have a social media detox day. If you wanna take it further, take a day off your phone. I know it must be hard. But why not give it a go?

Day 8: listen to a podcast 


Just like the ocean of self-help books out there, there is a lot of self-help podcasts too. Listen to one while you do some cleaning or cooking… here are my current favorite podcasts for you

Day 9: cook something special 

30-day self-care challenge

Craving something delicious? don’t order a takeout. Cook it up yourself. The process of cooking is itself therapeutic (if it goes well). and homemade meal is certainly a treat for yourself

Day 10: stargaze 

30-day self-care challenge

this is my favorite activity ever. sitting under a starlit sky makes me feel so magical. and if you are lucky, you might spot a meteor. so take the time to spend under a night sky today.

here are some other events in the sky for you to watch

Day 11: deep conversations 

30-day self-care challenge

What’s better than a deep and meaning conversation. Especially with someone you love. So take time today to discuss some deep topics with your family or a friend. Talk about your struggles, your achievements and your growth, and give sufficient advice to each other. Maybe you could discuss some conspiracy theories.

Day 12: watch a show or film

30-day self-care challenge

Binge-watch your favorite show or some movies on day 12. It’s nice to get lost in the life of a character once in a while through shows and movies. I would recommend you to watch a movie than a show so you don’t get too carried away.

Day 13: colour/paint 

30-day self-care challenge

Getting artistic and make some art pieces is the best way to give a nudge to your creative side. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, just do it. Also recently I discovered this colouring app called recolour and I am obsessed ( not sponsored). So do some colouring today.

Day 14: listen to music and dance

30-day self-care challenge

When was the last time you listened to some music and danced like a kid? This is your reminder to do it again. be carefree and dance till your heart desire.

Day 15: make a fort

30-day self-care challenge

We are half way through the month and it’s the perfect time to build a blanket for .A few days ago I made a blanket fort and it was so cozy that I couldn’t bring myself to remove it. It’s a cozy corner for you to be wild and free. And maybe you could keep it for the rest of the month.

Day 16: write a love letter to myself 

30-day self-care challenge

Don’t we all love ourselves?( if not, you should). So why don’t we write and a cheesy love letter to ourselves today? If you are a hopeless romantic like me, I bet you will write a beautiful letter to yourself.

Day 17: deep journaling 

30-day self-care challenge

open your heart into your journal anger deep into yourself. Here is how I journal to build self-connection

Day 18: learn about your religion/ spirituality 

30-day self-care challenge

In our constant run, we forget to focus on our spirituality, so why not take today to learn about your religion and spirituality. Try to build a connection with God, higher self, the universe, or whatever you believe in.

Day 19: create something

30-day self-care challenge

Get your creativity on spotlights and diy something. Maybe some room decor items. Or a painting or tie dye something. Just grab some craft supplies and create.

Day 20: spontaneous day

30-day self-care challenge

I am a planner. And I usually go through my day with a plan and a schedule. When we plan too much , we often firget to appreciate our life . If you can relate take today off from your daily routine. Just go with the day free. And follow your heart. And do what your mind body and soul demands .

Day 21: meditate

30-day self-care challenge

if you haven’t tried meditating, let this be a good excuse. sit in silence focusing or your breath, while you listen and filter your thoughts. try this for a week and see if it works for you.

Day 22: pin pin and pin

30-day self-care challenge

Who doesn’t love pinning? Just play some music and go through Pinterest and gain some inspiration.

Day 23: make a vision board 

30-day self-care challenge

From all our pinning make a vision board for your life . Collect pictures that indicates your wishes, dreams and goal and hang them somewhere you will see daily. You can make a digital virtual board with a collage of these pics and set it as your lock screen or homescreen on your devices.

Day 24: buy flowers or a plant

30-day self-care challenge

get yourself some fresh flowers. Or an indoor plant. They will certainly help you feel fresh and alive.

Here’s why you should be a plant mom

Day 25: organise your shelves and closet

30-day self-care challenge

Takedown items from all those messy shelves in your home and get rid of all the junk. declutter and donate or throw things you don’t use anymore and And tidy up your shelves

Day 26: rearrange/ redo your bedroom.

30-day self-care challenge

time to switch up your environment. Rearrange your furniture, and some new items and totally change up your bedroom. it will make you feel new.

Day 27: try new morning routine

30-day self-care challenge

Try out a new morning routine. If you don’t have a clue. Here is how to build a morning routine

Day 28: deep clean your surroundings 

30-day self-care challenge

Sweep, mope and get the dust off fron every corner. As we are getting to the end of this month it’s important to keep a clean surrounding for the coming month. So let’s get cleaning

Day 29: create bujo spread for next month

30-day self-care challenge

if you use bullet journal like me, it’s almost the end if a month and hence time to set up the monthly spread for the coming month.

Day 30: plan your next month 

30-day self-care challenge

Plan your upcoming month and get a clear picture of things coming next month, so you are prepared and good to go .

and that’s it for our 30-day self-care challenge. feel free to switch things up and do it when you feel comfortable. good luck completing all your daily tasks. Share this with your friend to complete this challenge together. comment on how you did with your self-care challenge.

to the moon and never back, nidha

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