3 Unexpected Things That Changed My Morning Routine

I hated my morning routine. And I would wake up and just go on my phone right away. I felt so heavy and mentally drained before the day has even begun. I couldn’t take it anymore! So I grabbed a notebook and made a list of things I could do to make my mornings better. 

A few of them worked and I am still trying to practice the others. But a few of the habits I started practicing was very impactful.  And I can’t help but share with you guys here. 

No phone till seven 

So usually I wake up around 5 30. And as I told you before I have been going on my phone right after I wake up. It made me feel guilty and also overly stimulated due to all the content I have been exposed to. 

So I decided to try a ‘no phone till 7’ policy, where I keep my phone away till 7, duh! By phone, I don’t mean to turn it off and keep it away, but turn off overly stimulating apps and social media. But if you can completely turn it off it would be great. Personally, I can’t completely keep away from my phone cause I practice my yoga and listen to meditative music in the mornings and so ‘the phone totally  off system’ is currently off the plates for me

I highly recommend you keep yourself away from social media at least. I swear it makes your morning and thereby your day a whole lot better. And draw all your focus to yourself

Cold Shower 

3 Unexpected Things That Changed My Morning Routine

I know it may sound quite unsettling, but trust me this was life-changing. 

So I have been showering midday or end of the day. And well it was good. But recently I tried to have a cold shower in the mornings. Dont freak out! Trust me it was so nice. 

The best part about morning showers is the aesthetic. Sunlight in the shower, music in ears, and cold water… I loved it. It was kind of a meditation time for me too. Like I get lost in my thoughts and I stay in the shower, for a very long time.

And when I get out o feel so fresh and awake. Trust me! It’s better than coffee, in waking up the issue. 

No plan morning

3 Unexpected Things That Changed My Morning Routine

I usually have a very scheduled plan for my mornings. There will be a few things I have to do and an allocated time for each thing. It was great and all. But it kinda feels exhausting and rigid. Usually, I form a different pattern for doing these habits once I get bored with my previous routine and form an updated morning routine. It was so draining to identify when I was not feeling the morning routine anymore and discovering a new way to arrange and set up my morning routine. 

3 Unexpected Things That Changed My Morning Routine

So for a while now I take a ‘no planned’ approach for my mornings. where I have a list of habits that I wanna practice daily, but not a specific time or order to do these things. So my mornings are a lot more flexible than before, and also I can have a new experience every morning. It changed the usual conundrum of quitting my morning routine due to boredom.  

Also, my mornings got a lot mindful than before,  cause I was listening to my body and soul to decide on what to do in my mornings. And I highly suggest you guys try it out for one day where you go plan free, and just listen to your body to guide you through your mornings. 

here’s my previous morning routine

These are the most impactful three things on my list that worked very well for me. I really hope it helped you in some way. And I promise I will update you with all that I did from my list and how impactful they were. subscribe to our newsletters so you get notified when I post similar blogs.

Also guys November was not the month for me and now that it’s over I feel new and very keen to make the most out of the last month of 2020 with you guys. All the best.

To the moon and back, nidha

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