10 Harry potter spell which I wish were real

Everyone loves magic, even muggles love magic. Magic makes everything thing easier. Magic is the best remedy for a lazy person, don’t deny it, every one of us as a lazy side. With magic, we can do things ranking from pranking to cleaning. I hate cleaning, a cleaning spell would be really useful.

Everything about being at Hogwarts is awesome but the fact there is no electricity or internet or any sort of technological advancement, not even a pen makes it really difficult to live there. Magic and technology combined together are the best combinations ever to exist in this world. If we had magic in our day to day life, our life will be more like heaven.

 So Imagine if magic was possible in our daily life, what would be your choice if you are given a limit of using ten spells? This is a blog post and what spell I would choose if I were you.


 In my opinion, this is the most useful spell to ever exist. Everybody hates searching or walking to getting the things we want. Imagine you don’t have to get up to get a glass is a water or phone charger or we don’t have to search for the books in the library or for groceries in the grocery store. Life will be much easier. 

So this is a useful spell for children, teens, and adults alike. But one thing I am sure of is that the spell will make us, even more, lazier than we are now. But it has a dangerous side, robbing will be much easier than ever we just have to mutter a spell, we get everything we want and the trick of our parent hiding your phone or siblings trying to prank you by hiding things will not work anymore.


Another one of the most useful spells. Accidents occasionally occur in our life, situations like breaking the glasses and plates in-home or something from a store or something. If we are caught we will get in trouble, but what if we were able to relate the thing we broke? We wouldn’t get into trouble for our clumsiness.

If we have access to this spell, making money is easier, we can start a small business by repairing Muggle things, it will be successful as it only takes seconds to repair the things. This spell has a very good use for us.

Imperius curse

Even though this is an unforgivable curse, this is the most useful among them. We can make anyone do our biddings without any price, we can even make our siblings do the dishes or even clean our room. This spell will be illegal in many places.

Imperius curse is very dangerous as we can use any others to do our dirty biddings. Imagine if we want to rob a bank, we can use someone else and take the robbed money without even getting our hands dirty. This is one of the spells which is dangerous to those who live around us.


If you are a book worm, this is a really good spell for us. The night light is not a thing appreciated by all so if we are sharing a bedroom with your siblings and they don’t want night light but you still want to read, what would we do ??? This is the spell for us. Lumos provides us light anywhere, everywhere. 

This is a spell which is very useful for every one of us if there is a power cut instead of searching for a flashlight this is the best option for us.


Alohomora, this is a really good spell.  we cannot open a door without keys. if we ever forgot our key somewhere we don’t have to rush there to get the keys, just a wave of wand us required. Very  Useful but dangerous to others. 

Alohomora, helps people to break into any house or even top-secret agencies. So even though alohomora is useful.  There is a high chance of the Muggle government banning them due to the danger it can cause. But what is fun without some rule-breaking, right?


A life-saving spell. This is the best spell for people who love helping others or just helping yourself .episky is a healing spell not the difficult ones, it is a simple healing spell. It heals a small injury. 

If a child or you fall down and keep whining in pain, this is your spell. It is a spell which is useful for you and everyone in your surroundings if you are a kind-hearted person, not the selfish kind who likes to keep their magic to themselves.

Impervius charm

I hate water, I hate wet things so this is a perfect spell for me. Impervius charm is a charm that waterproofs objects. I can waterproof myself so I don’t get wet unless when I am taking a shower. This also helps us to get out on a rainy day without getting wet.

We can waterproof our assignments, phones, or any other electronic devices.   It  makes it safe to take our phones when we go swimming or we can use our phones it the bathtub without fearing it getting wet 

Wingardium leviosa

This is not an essential spell, it is helpful and why I really need is just to enact Hermione saying ” it’s leviosa not leviosa”. As for its use, the spell helps us to lift objects, so we would never have to do any heavy lifting. Even for lifting small things, this is useful. 

But on the other side, as this spell is used to fly or levitate objects, as t is not applicable for a human levitating humans is not possible, hence decreasing the harm caused to Muggles. So this is a safe spell to use unless we don’t levitate things above someone’s head and let it fall.


This is the spell that I require the most. Cleaning always has been difficult for me, I guess it is the same for most of us, I hate cleaning. Imagine cleaning everything with just the wave of your wands. With this spell you don’t have to worry if it’s water or grease or something, it cleans everything.

This is one of the spells which are useful to all alike no matter. It is useful to the society of both witches and muggles. It will help us to keep our surroundings clean, which helps us to keep the earth clean.

Repelo muggletum

This is the best of all. As an introvert I detest human being present, I try to stay away from them, but what is the use of it when they come looking for you. So this is the spell used to make Hogwarts invisible to Muggle eyes. So to stay away from human interaction, I can create a safe haven, establishing this charm around it. 

It protects me from every type of muggles ranging from good people to very bad ones, this spell ensures my safety hence this spell is the most useful for me.

The conclusion I have arrived at is that is magic really existed we human beings with the awesome advancement in technology will become lazier and lazier than we are now.

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